- What i wantto execute in this video clip is think around what it means tohave an opposite of a number. Permit me attract a number line here. Let's attract a number line. And let's placed some numberson this number line. We deserve to start in ~ zero, and also if we go come the rightwe have actually positive numbers. One, two, three, four, five. Together we walk to the left weget much more and an ext negative. So an unfavorable one, negativetwo, an unfavorable three, negative four, and also I cankeep going on and on and also on. Let's pick one of these numbers. Let's say that we pick the number three. What is going to it is in theopposite of the number three? well the the opposite of thenumber is a number that's the same distance fromzero yet on the other side. So 3 is three to the appropriate of zero. One, two, three. Therefore its opposite is walk tobe 3 to the left that zero. One, two, three. So the opposite ofthree is negative three. Let me do a small table here. If we have the number, the number. And also then we have its opposite. We have its opposite. So we just figured out thatif you have the number three, its opposite is goingto be an adverse three. Now what if her number is negative? What if your number, let'ssay the number negative four. What's opposing of that? and also I encourage you to stop the video clip and try to think around it on your own. Well, friend say, okay, negativefour is appropriate over here. That's an adverse four. That is four to the left of zero. One, two, three, four to the left that zero. Therefore its the opposite is walking tobe 4 to the best of it. Therefore one, two, three, four. It's walking to it is in positive. It's going come be confident four. So you're most likely startingto see a pattern here. The opposite of a number is walk to be the opposite authorize of the number. If you have actually a positive three here, its the opposite is goingto be negative three. If you begin with an unfavorable four, its the opposite is going come be confident four. One way to think aboutit, it's walking to have the same absolute value buthave a various sign. Or another method to think around it is, however if this is threeto the ideal of zero, its the contrary is going come bethree to the left that zero. Or if the number is fourto the left of zero, its opposite is going come befour come the appropriate of zero. For this reason we'll do one critical one. What is the opposite of... What's going to it is in the the opposite of one? fine one is one come the appropriate of zero, for this reason its opposite is going tobe one come the left of zero, or an unfavorable one. Or another way to thinkabout it, one is positive so its the contrary is whereby you'regoing to readjust the sign. Instead of being positiveit's walk to it is in negative. It's going come be negative one. Either means that you have the right to think around it.

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Number opposites
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Number opposites
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