Which surname is assigned come the transport layer PDU?bitsdataframepacketsegment

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Application data is passed down the protocol stack on its way to it is in transmitted throughout the network media. During the process, assorted protocols include information come it at every level. At each stage of the process, a PDU (protocol data unit) has actually a different name come reflect its new functions. The PDUs are named according come the protocols the the TCP/IP suite:

Data – The basic term for the PDU supplied at the application layer.Segment – deliver layer PDUPacket – network layer PDUFrame – data connect layer PDUBits – A physical layer PDU used when physical transmitting data end the medium
« Which two OSI design layers have actually the exact same functionality as two layers that the TCP/IP model? (Choose two.)
A network administrator is troubleshooting connectivity problems on a server. Utilizing a tester, the administrator notices that the signals created by the server NIC are distorted and also not usable. In i m sorry layer of the OSI design is the error categorized? »

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