Tomato is just one of the most common and also widely spend fruit in our diets almost everywhere the human being majorly for its nutritional richness that supports hearty skin, eye health and keeps far heart ailments. To be an extremely precise, tomato is the fourth largest spend fruit/vegetable almost everywhere the world. Another reason for it gift so clip is the access of tomatoes in various forms such together soup, puree, sauce, and also juice as well and also the ease of farming it presents.

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So, what is the pH that the tomato? The pH of new tomatoes is in the selection of 4.3 – 4.9, that is the tomatoes are acidic in nature. Different forms that tomato assets will have various pH because of the additives included as well as the cooking process. The pH for canned tomatoes is in the variety of 3.5-4.7, lower as contrasted to the new tomato since of the preservation agent that is included to make increase its shelf life. Because that tomato puree and tomato juice, the pH ranges between 4.1-4.6. 

The health and wellness benefits of tomato are since of nutrients such together folic acid, lutein, choline, lycopene, etc current in it.

The portion of these nutrients varies depending on how close they room to maturity and how they space cooked.

Therefore, that is an extremely important for us to recognize the pH of tomatoes, in order come quantify the nutritional value and also thus the benefits.

There are deeper dimensions to pH and especially pH of tomatoes which are really important in expertise the acidic nature, which is debated as follows-

What provides tomatoes acidic in nature?

It is a an extremely general rule of ignorance in chemistry researches that the points acidic in nature taste sour and things alkaline or straightforward in nature taste bitter.

Therefore, this test can be used as a preliminary checkpoint to determine the acidic or alkaline nature of food.

As tomato taste sour, us can quickly say that tomatoes space acidic in nature.

But what exactly makes lock acidic is the inquiry we space trying come answer. Tomatoes contain folic acid, citric acid, ascorbic acid, and also malic mountain as well.

All the these room weak organic mountain which renders the tomatoes weakly acidic in nature. Initially, once the tomatoes room unripe and also green, malic mountain is the significant component of all the mountain that room present.

As it come closer to maturity and starts turning cherry red in color, the citric acid becomes the leading one.

Malic mountain is a dicarboxylic acid existing widely in fruit contributing to their sour test.

It is really important for the human being body as it is involved in the Krebs cycle, i beg your pardon is the energy-making process of a life body.

However, that is very acidic in nature and also if over-consumed have the right to lead to acidity and heartburns. Hence, one have to not have unripe tomatoes to together an degree that that creates problems in the body.


Citric mountain is a tricarboxylic acid and also weak organic acid which provides us the sour taste to many of the citrus fruits.

It is current in tomatoes yet in fewer amounts as compared to lemon, oranges, and also other citrus wealthy foods. Citric acid additionally is critical intermediate responsible for the absorption of nutrient in the body.


What does pH conclude about tomatoes?

The pH talks around the acidity of the tomatoes which can be used as indicative the the level of ripeness the the tomatoes.

It has actually an inversely proportional connection to every other; the ripeness that a tomato is inversely related to the acidity of it.

For example, a tomato is riper climate the pH will certainly be closer come 5 and if it is much less ripe then it will be closer come the 4.5-4.6 pH range.

Therefore the tomatoes room bought after check the pH i m sorry is in monitor to the end-use application of this tomatoes.

For example, If a puree or sauce has to be made the end of tomatoes, then less ripe tomatoes can be used because then extr additives and also preservatives can be supplied to comprise for this acidity.

But if the tomato are required for do a juice or come be used as a fresh vegetables then fully ripe tomatoes space the correct choice.

Why do different tomato products have different pH?

The different species of tomato products easily accessible are fresh tomatoes, crate tomatoes, tomato puree, tomato sauce, and tomato soup.

The distinction in the pH is due to the fact that of the procedure that the tomatoes experience to get delivered as these last products.

Canned products are typically much more acidic in nature because there is a preservative added, also acidic in nature since of i m sorry the as whole pH drops.

The pH the canned tomatoes is 3.5.

These preventive supply enough acidity such the there is no expansion of bacteria.

If at every there is any type of growth, climate it deserve to be destroyed by quickly heating and cooling it.

In the instance of tomato puree, these preservatives are present in much more quantity furthermore the tomatoes are itself an ext acidic for this details end-use, hence the pH is even lowered.

Is the acidity of tomatoes unpleasant/bad for person health?

There cannot be a perfect answer come this inquiry as the is an extremely much dependency on the individual’s digestive system.

Though the pH of tomatoes is not that extreme and also falls in the typical selection of every the foods items that we have the right to consume, the acidity of tomatoes cannot be taken into consideration a difficulty for human being health.

However, overabundance of tomatoes have the right to lead to excess production of gastric acid leading to acidity and heartburns.

This idea is a contradiction come the east medicinal approach where tomato are thought about to it is in alkalizing food once digested together it will help lower the acidity of the blood and also thus produce an acid-alkaline balance in the body.

How to change the acidity/pH of tomatoes?

There can be 2 possibilities of changing the acidity as we can choose the tomatoes much more acidic as we carry out it in the canning procedure to rise the shelf life of the product by the addition of preservatives.

Therefore, in this section, we will emphasis on to reduce the mountain of tomatoes which have the right to be forced for certain applications.

In bespeak to reduce the acidity, we have to basically neutralize the acid by reacting it v an alkali. Therefore, a weak acid to it is in reacted through weak edible alkali and also baking soda is the best choice for this.

Cooking tomatoes v baking soda can help reduce the mountain which consequently will alleviate the cake taste of tomatoes.

The amount of baking soda come be provided for this purpose depends ~ above the number of tomatoes undergoing this procedure and the mountain of these tomatoes.


The pH range of tomato is in between 4.1-4.6 and depends ~ above the ripeness and also cooking process of the tomatoes. PH because that tomatoes is a an extremely important parameter to check the high quality of tomatoes and thus is offered to it is in a quality control measure or test.

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The tomato products are acidic in nature due to the fact that of the existence of citric and malic acid, however, over there are ways to change the acidity and also taste that tomatoes together well. The tremendous health and wellness benefits that tomatoes have to lead to good studies in the field of biochemistry and medication.