choose a calculate discover A, C and d | provided r discover C, r and d | given A find A, r and d | offered C uncover A, C and r | given d

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Solutions< extbfdiameter , d = 2r >< extbfcircumference , C = 2 pi r >< extbfarea , A = pi r^2 >

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Circle Shape

r = radius d = diameter C = one A = area π = pi = 3.1415926535898 √ = square source

Calculator Use

Use this one calculator to discover the area, circumference, radius or diameter of a circle. Given any type of one variable A, C, r or d the a one you deserve to calculate the other three unknowns.

Units: note that systems of length are shown for convenience. They execute not affect the calculations. The units space in ar to give an indication of the bespeak of the results such together ft, ft2 or ft3. Any other base unit can be substituted.

Circle formulas in regards to Pi π, radius r, and diameter d

Radius and also Diameter:

r = d/2 d = 2r

Area that a circle:

A = πr2 = πd2/4

Circumference of a circle:

C = 2πr = πd

Circle Calculations:

Using the formulas above and extr formulas you deserve to calculate properties of a provided circle for any given variable.

Calculate A, C and also d | offered r offered the radius that a circle calculation the area, circumference and also diameter. Placing A, C and d in regards to r the equations are:

Calculate r, C and d | given A given the area that a circle calculation the radius, circumference and diameter. Putting r, C and d in regards to A the equations are:

< d = 2r = 2 sqrtfracApi >

Calculate A, r and also d | provided C offered the one of a circle calculate the radius, area and diameter. Placing A, r and also d in terms of C the equations are:

Calculate A, C and r | offered d offered the diameter of a circle calculate the radius, area and circumference. Putting A, C and r in terms of d the equations are: