The fractions Largefrac23 and also Largefrac32 are concerned each other in a one-of-a-kind way. So room Large-frac107 and Large-frac710. Perform you view how? as well as looking prefer upside-down execution of one another, if we were come multiply these pairs the fractions, the product would certainly be 1.

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Largefrac23cdot frac32 ormalsize=1 ext and also -Largefrac107left(-frac710 ight) ormalsize=1

Such pairs of number are referred to as reciprocals.


The mutual of the fraction Largefracab is Largefracba, whereby a e 0 and also b e 0,A number and also its reciprocal have actually a product of 1.

Largefracabcdot fracba ormalsize=1

Here are some instances of reciprocals:

Original numberReciprocalProduct
dfrac34dfrac43dfrac34cdotdfrac43=dfrac3cdot 44cdot 3=dfrac1212=1
3=dfrac31dfrac13dfrac31cdotdfrac13=dfrac3cdot 11cdot 3=dfrac33=1
2dfrac13=dfrac73dfrac37dfrac73cdotdfrac37=dfrac7cdot33cdot7=dfrac2121= ormalsize 1

To uncover the mutual of a fraction, we invert the fraction. This means that we place the numerator in the denominator and the denominator in the numerator. You have the right to think of it as switching the numerator and denominator: swap the 2 through the 5 in dfrac25 to gain the reciprocal dfrac52.

Make sure that if it’s a an unfavorable fraction, the mutual is likewise negative. This is since the product of two an adverse numbers will give you the hopeful one the you space looking for. To acquire a positive an outcome when multiplying two numbers, the numbers must have the same sign. Therefore reciprocals must have the very same sign.

To uncover the reciprocal, store the exact same sign and invert the fraction.


Find the reciprocal of every number. Then examine that the product of each number and also its reciprocal is 1.


Solution:To find the reciprocals, we store the sign and also invert the fractions.

Find the mutual of Largefrac49The reciprocal of Largefrac49 is Largefrac94
Multiply the number and its reciprocal.Largefrac49cdot frac94
Multiply numerators and also denominators.Largefrac3636
Find the mutual of Large-frac16Large-frac61
Check:Large-frac16 ormalsizecdot left(-6 ight)
Find the reciprocal of Large-frac145Large-frac514
Check:Large-frac145cdot left(-frac514 ight)
Find the mutual of 7
Write 7 together a fraction.Largefrac71
Write the reciprocal of Largefrac71Largefrac17
Check:7cdotLargeleft(frac17 ight)

In the following video clip we will show an ext examples of exactly how to discover the reciprocal of integers, fractions and also mixed numbers.

Caution! department by zero is undefined and so is the reciprocal of any fraction that has a zero in the numerator. For any type of real number a, dfraca0 is undefined. Additionally, the mutual of dfrac0a will constantly be undefined.

Division through Zero

You recognize what it way to division by 2 or division by 10, yet what go it median to divide a amount by 0? Is this also possible? top top the upper and lower reversal side, can you divide 0 by a number? take into consideration the fraction


We have the right to read it as, “zero separated by eight.” due to the fact that multiplication is the train station of division, we can rewrite this as a multiplication problem. What number time 8 equals 0?


We can infer the the unknown have to be 0 since that is the only number the will provide a an outcome of 0 once it is multiplied by 8.

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Now let’s consider the reciprocal of dfrac08 which would certainly be dfrac80. If we rewrite this together a multiplication problem, us will have actually “what time 0 amounts to 8?”


This doesn’t make any sense. There are no numbers the you have the right to multiply by zero to get a result of 8. In fact, any kind of number divided by 0 is impossible, or better defined, all division by zero is undefined.