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early this afternoon the Washington Nationals announced the they have actually recalled infielder louis García and also placed infielder Starlin Castro on the limited List.

There is no word yet on why Castro, that was no in the lineup on Tuesday night, has actually been placed on the restricted List.

You have the right to read around the restricted List here. Here’s Baseball-reference’s description of the minimal List:

The Restricted list is a compendium of football player who are out of arranged baseball yet are not cost-free agents. A team can request the a player be inserted on the limited list if the player has left the team there is no a valid reason, or has actually announced his intention come retire yet is still of period or level of ability that could enable him to return to experienced baseball in the future. In effect, the team claims that it retains civil liberties to the player if and also when he becomes energetic again. The perform is also used to location a player who is unavailable to play because that non-baseball reasons, such as an individual issues or trouble through the law.

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B-R’s explainer does keep in mind that, “The restricted list is sometimes confused with the disqualified list, which is used as a form of disciplinary action.”

Castro, 31, has actually hit .239 through 11 doubles, two residence runs, 23 RBIs, 17 walks, and also 14 operation scored in 63 gamings this season, end which he’s to be worth -0.4 fWAR.

García, 21, is back for his 3rd stint in the majors this season.

At Triple-A Rochester, García has put up a .270/.336/.478 heat overall, with three doubles and seven residence runs in 28 games and also 128 plate appearances, through the Nationals noting today, in their press release ~ above the moves, the he has actually put increase a .319/.396/.553 in 11 gamings this month.

García was recently named the Triple-A eastern Player that the week on June 7th, after that went, “11-for-27 (.407) v a double, three home runs, ripe RBI(s), and also seven runs in six gamings from may 31-June 6.”

“He’s doing really well, for this reason that’s great to see,” Nationals’ manager Davey Martinez said last week, ~ García earned the AAA PotW honor.

“He’s among the men that’s going to it is in a big part of our future, so we wanted him to obtain off come a quick start and also he’s act that.

“So he’s playing really well, we’ll save an eye ~ above him for the future, however I hope he proceeds to swing the bat the method he’s swinging.”

Asked what the club would prefer to see before they called him earlier up, Martinez defined that they simply wanted to check out some consistency in all aspects of the infielder’s game, ~ García debuted in the majors in 2020, as soon as Castro experienced a damaged wrist that compelled a operation fix, and was assigned to Triple-A this season.

“We just want him to continue to perform what he’s doing and play continual baseball,” Martinez said, “... Not only his hitting portion, however his defense as well, and just beat the game the ideal way, everything. We desire these males to come increase here better baserunners, situational hitting, and also all the stuff, defense, we talked come him a lot about consistent defense, make the routine plays every day, gaining ready every pitch, the was a large thing because that him, and he’s law well, he is doing a lot of better.”

Now García is coming back up. Will certainly he take it over for Castro at third base?

He has played 36 gamings there in the minors, though all of those were earlier in 2018, prior to he started playing short and 2nd base.

Jordy Mercer is starting at 3rd for the second straight game today in D.C.

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Martinez talks to reporters in advancement of the series finale with the Pittsburgh Pirates at 2:00 this afternoon. We’ll update with much more info ~ above Castro is over there is any...

We"ve recalled INF louis García native Triple-A Rochester. //