PITTSBURGH, PA - NOVEMBER 07: Jaylon smith #9 of the Notre Dame Fighting ireland celebrates by put on the cap of team mascot, lucky The Leprechaun, adhering to their 42-30 win versus the Pittsburgh Panthers in ~ Heinz field on November 7, 2015 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

With a new NFL ascendancy change, football player will have far more jersey alternatives than before. Veterans need to buy out the present inventory of their old number to make a switch, yet a couple of notable players are doing simply that, including Dallas Cowboys linebacker Jaylon Smith.

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After five years attract the No. 54, the previous Notre Dame star is going earlier to his old college jersey number, 9. The is notable due to the fact that it was last worn through star quarterback Tony Romo, until his retirement a few years ago.

Smith is payment mid-six numbers to perform so, quite than waiting till 2022 for the capacity to undertake No. 9. It clearly means a lot come him, and also he seek the Cowboys’ and also Romo’s permission to perform so.

“First and foremost, simply a blessing and also an respect to have the ability to carry on the ‘9’ legacy,” Smith said Tuesday, per ProFootballTalk. “Tony Romo did an amazing job of just being elite and putting together an excellent success for the Cowboys franchise. As you know, new players comes in always getting an chance to sometimes bring on legacies, and also that’s the possibility the Jones family granted me with wearing No. 9. Therefore it’s absolutely a blessing. It’s been a component of my life.”

Jaylon smith on getting to out to Tony Romo around wearing No. 9: “Me and Tony space working top top conversations appropriate now. He’s a busy guy. It’s nothing yet love.”

— Jon Machota (
jonmachota) might 25, 2021

“I’ve been wearing No. 9 since I to be 9 year old, with Pee Wee, center school, high school, college, All-American games, you surname it. No. 9 is a component of me. It’s really simply a blessing to be able to continue the legacy,” blacksmith continued.

Jaylon Smith had one year the overlap through Romo in Dallas. He missed his rookie year in 2016, recovering from the devastating knee injury the suffered during the Fiesta bowl at the end of his small season. That year, Romo would get injury, ceding his spot come rookie Dak Prescott, that ran with the opportunity.

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There space plenty that Dallas Cowboys fans that aren’t thrilled through the news, believing the Romo’s number should be retirement by the team. Even if it is or not that comes down the line, smith will have the possibility to shot and develop on the QB’s legacy with the number indigenous the various other side the the heat of scrimmage.