finding Dory: 10 Details you Missed around Becky Becky"s easily one that the ideal characters in finding Dory, therefore we"re digging right into facts, details, and bits of trivia you never knew around her!

Finding Nemo was an inspiration for all and Finding Dory come in as a solid sequel. Both films had captivating storylines coupled v beautiful computer animation styles. Marlin, Nemo, and also of course, Dory all returned for this hit man feature, but one details character that achieved true runaway popularity in Finding Dory was, surprisingly, Becky the loon -- she even turned out to be pretty heroic!

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Alongside Gerald, Becky attracted some debate -- i m sorry we"ll touch ~ above below, as well as nine other facts, details, and also bits of trivia you probably didn"t know around her. From her underrated smarts to she cameo in ~ Disney Parks, keep reading to find out more!


10 Becky to be Controversial

Upon the film"s early stage release, Finding Dory had critics and fans alike questioning whether Becky"s character was chastising the disabled. Also though the filmmakers stated that there was no intentionally of this at all, there to be still lot uproar circling the actions the these characters pursue and also if the movie go "too far."

The Insider debunks all of these questions when Alice Wong, the founder the the handicap Visibility Project, proclaimed that "the movie offers a nuanced and moral therapy of life through a disability.

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" quickly after statements like this, the movie overcame any type of doubt that the characters" potentially problematic portrayal.


9 Becky"s Bond v Marlin Is important Special

When Becky stares Marlin in the face, he"s imprinted on she -- and also she is ever-loyal afterward, come say the really least the things. And beyond sealing a bond the essentially enables the remainder of the movie come happen, it suggests a friendship that goes beyond even her many primal instincts!

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Of course, it"s easy to forget provided the moment-to-moment hilarity affiliated with Becky"s scenes, however under an ext conventional circumstances, Marlin and Nemo would certainly be food to her! Becky"s certainly got a lot more heart than your average loon.


8 Becky Flies much better Than Nigel indigenous Finding Nemo

Several characters fly throughout the Finding Nemo franchise, but none compare to Becky. She"s precise, efficient, and also aware of when her friends are in danger. Nigel in Finding Nemo to be an smart pelican that helped Marlin and Dory evade certain death. However, that smacks right into the dental office"s home window and can"t it seems to be ~ to discover a smooth landing.

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Becky, on the other hand, dead Marlin and also Nemo in a bucket full of water in Finding Dory and catches the bucket top top a tree branch with remarkable dexterity. Despite she may have actually been distracted by the bird feed, she still remembered to go earlier to the bucket to bring out the mission.

7 Becky"s Role almost Mirrors Nigel"s

Speaking of Nigel, there"s an amazing parallel between them. In Finding Nemo, Nigel help Marlin and Dory to acquire into the dental office in bespeak to help out Nemo. In Finding Dory, Becky"s essentially doing the same exact thing, with Dory and also Nemo swapping places. This fish really seem to depend on bird to help them out of dire situations alarmingly often, don"t they?

As long as birds prefer Nigel and also Becky room there to conserve the day, Marlin, Nemo, and also Dory are lucky to be able to call on them to save the day!


6 She"s In The After-Credits Scene

Characters such together Hank the Octopus, Gerald the Sea Lion, and, yes, Becky the Loon all make an appearance after the credits. Becky"s last onscreen appearance is short, yet sweet. Hank the Octopus is camouflaged together a tree branch and also Becky flies in and also tries come land top top his tentacle, yet he retracts it and also she drops in the water in a hilarious dive (she is, ~ all, a diving bird).

Needless to say, this to be an completely heartwarming payoff because that sticking roughly to watch the credits role -- we"re never ever going to argue with an ext Becky!

5 Becky"s in ~ Disney California Adventure

Is the a fairly small cameo appearance? Absolutely, yet for true blue Finding Dory fans, it"s sure to obtain a grin and also a chuckle. Becky deserve to be watched on a billboard urging guest to execute their component in keeping Pixar Pier clean at Disney California Adventure, alongside Gerald, the otters, and also Dory herself. A commendable initiative the we just can"t aid but agree with and support, the course!

This mirrors that Disney recognizes Becky"s character as an environmentally mindful bird the is wanting to protect the longevity that life in the ocean. This is extremely vital because, as we every know, over there is a expansion of plastic waste threaten the ocean"s ecosystem. However again, Becky is here to conserve the day!

4 her Noises are Made By actor Gabriel C. Brown (& Torbin Bullock)

Normally, noises favor Becky"s room made v audio mixing and also sound impact editing. However, Becky"s character was worth enough to acquire an actual gibbs behind the croaking bird noises -- or a pair that them, if you"d prefer to gain technical! depending upon where in the civilization you"re taking in the film, you"ll hear one of two people Gabriel C. Brown or Torbin Bullock lending your talents to lug Becky to life.

Voice acting is a hidden talent the gets overlooked most times due to the fact that the actor"s challenge isn"t ~ above screen. But, right here we can give these wonderful talent his well-deserved praise for offering the brilliant personality Becky she voice.

3 Loons Are likewise Called "Divers"

Becky"s a loon, which is a pretty common waterfowl similar to ducks, or geese. Interestingly enough, loons can also be called "divers."

This is as result of the method that they obtain their food as soon as they"re hunting. They"ll swim along the surface of a human body of water, and when they catch sight of something tasty swimming in the water below, they"ll dive appropriate in to acquire their beaks ~ above it! They absolutely know how to gain things done.

2 She"s A lot of Smarter than She Seems

Becky is anything however unintelligent. Next from she motherly instincts, Becky could have miscellaneous of one elephant"s mind -- she could get distracted, yet she never forgets! throughout the totality of the film, she keeps monitor of her brand-new friends Marlin, Nemo, and Dory, and she come in to conserve the day when they space in trouble. Along with this, she constantly remembers her flashy eco-friendly bucket.

At the finish of the film, Becky randomly provides an appearance ago on screen to conserve Marlin and also Dory from the runaway truck. But, just how random was this, really? Surprisingly, no at every -- since she believed ahead sufficient to carry her trusty bucket filled v water to conserve her water-breathing friends.

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1 Becky activity Figures were A huge Hit

The Becky activity figures were a vast hit across the market. She love for popcorn stood out and we can also see the it make an even bigger influence than Marlin did in Finding Nemo. This action figure marketing photo emphasizes Becky"s character perfectly!

Even despite she made numerous mistakes, Becky always came out on top (in the film and in the product marketplace), and also it"s not at all daunting to know why.