Country music star Alan Jackson has announced may 14, 2021 will mark the relax of his first album in six years, titled Where have You Gone.

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The upcoming job is also the star"s 16th studio album, according to ET Canada. 

Taste of country has revealed Alan"s brand-new songs take inspiration from his personal relationships, including two songs he created for his daughter"s weddings and one he composed for his mother"s funeral. When family could be in ~ the heart of his newest music, there"s one family members member who has always listed inspiration because that the country music icon: his wife, Denise Jackson.

The Grammy Award-winning singer met his wife, whose maiden name was also Jackson, as soon as they to be both teens in their hometown that Newnan, Georgia, follow to Country Fancast. The pair married in 1979 and moved come Nashville to go after Jackson"s to sing career; it was Denise who helped Alan soil his very first recording contract. As a flight attendant, Denise, met nation music star glen Campbell during a flight and also convinced him to hear she husband sing. Afterward, the Rhinestone Cowboy became a mentor come Alan , helping the younger man come to be the superstar the is today.

On December 15, 2020, Alan and Denise Jackson commemorated their 41st wedding anniversary by sharing a photograph of castle smiling together on Instagram. 

While the couple seems happy with each other now, it hasn"t always been a fairy tales marriage. In 2007, Denise composed a publication titled It"s All around Him: detect the Love of my Life with co-author Ellen Vaughn, in which she spoke around Jackson"s infidelities and also the couple"s separation in 1997. She told People, "One of the key messages that the book is about forgiveness and also how healing have the right to come when we occupational through problems and also infidelities. Probably half the marital relationships out there experience what we do yet there"s only a very, very small percentage the really survives."

When Denise was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in 2010, their marital relationship was experiment again, but Alan was there to assistance his wife. He told Coping Magazine, "It to be the an initial time ns felt like I to be living the end the expression in our wedding vows "for better or because that worse."" After two months the treatment, Denise was claimed cancer-free, and also Jackson wrote one of his most heartfelt ballads about his experiences together a caregiver, "When I witnessed You Leaving," which was on his 2012 album Thirty mile West.

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The country music couple shares three adult daughters: Mattie, Alexandra, and Dani, according to Country Fancast.