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With mine last write-up being around roleplay and also noticing that it was useful to a few people, I assumed I might do a series of offering context come canon characters to help far better understand your background and also give a great grip on showing as them. It"s likewise really cool details you have the right to tell to your friends to make you seem more knowledgeable :v: ("ω") :v:

Here room the sources I use from this blog:



So, onto the post!




Who is Sebastian Michaelis?


It"s a inquiry that at first, have the right to be answered rather simply.

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Sebastian is a demon butler, contract to Ciel Phantomhive. He is used as one underlying, constant antagonist in miss out on Toboso"s collection Black Butler.

We recognize that much, what else deserve to you tell me around him?

- His backstory?

- His demon type? (No, no raven. I average what "real" demon did miss Toboso basic him off).

- wherein he go after he consumes his prey"s soul? go he return to hell?

Although us can"t answer most things, I can assist v the single question

"Who was Sebastian Michaelis?"



• Humble beginnings •

• well known Demonic case (ah, irony) •

• A Special record •

• Theories and also connections •


Miss Toboso has based the demon, Sebastian Michaelis ironically after ~ a man dubbed Sebastien Michaelis, who was a French inquisitor that exorcised demons and also hunted witches for a living.


Humble beginnings & Witch Trials.

He lived with the late sixteenth and also early seventeenth centuries, although there isn"t a certain date that his birth. (One resource says he to be born in 1543, but no month to be given). Probably that is why our Sebastian"s birthday wasn"t first confirmed as soon as the manga began?

During the so late sixteenth century (the dates variety from 1581 come 1582), Michaelis, a vice inquisitor connected himself in assorted witch trials, prove at the very least fourteen various women had actually used necromancy (the practice of communicating with the dead), which led them come a fatality sentence. His involvement through the witch trials led him to producing a street on demons called:

"Pneumologie: Discours des esprits."

(Translated "Pneumology: decided of the spirits" in English).


Famous Demonology Case.

In 1610, he ended up being prior the the Dominican community near Aix-en-Provence (a city to the south of France).

A specific case intrigued him. In the exact same year, he checked out the Ursuline convent in Aix-en-Provence, and investigated a nun called Madeleine, who was accused of gift possessed by demons from Jean-Baptiste Romillon. She made respond to arguments:

Her confessor, Gaufridy sexually fascinating her, due to the fact that the devil makes his breath an aphrodisiac. By act so, the inducts her into witchcraft, causing her body to become under the influence of demons. This is on the problem that they would leave only once the priest to be converted, dead, or punished.

Sebastian tried to find a Devil"s contract and successfully discovered it. Gaudfridy insisted he had never do a contract v the devil, until he confessed in prison and also was executed.

(Could this be catalyst for the contract in between he and Ciel?)



Michaelis wrote a record regarding the recent possessions nuns had actually been confessing to. Many had asserted the demon Beelzebub had been own them, one also saying there was 6,660 devils associated in the possession.


Along v the help of the beloved Vanity, Melan and also Google, I managed to find a rough English translation.

"The admirable background of the possession and conversion of a penitent mrs seduced by a magician that made she to come to be a witch, and the princess the sorcerers in the country of Prouince, who was carried to S. Baume to be exorcised, in the year 1610, in the month that November, by the government of the reuerend father, and also frier, Sebastian Michaëlis, priour that the couent imperial of S. Magdalene at Saint Maximin, and also of the said place of Saint Baume. Who appointed the reuerend father, Frier Francis Domptius, physician of Diuinity, in the Vniuersity of Louaine, ... Because that the exorcismes and also recollection the the acts. Every faithfully collection down, and completely verified. Wherunto is annexed a pneumology, or discourse of spirits made by the claimed father Michaëlis".

He passed away on the 5th of May, 1618 around age 75, in Paris.


Theories & Connections.

So, we deserve to safely presume the Ciel specify name Sebastian ~ a dog was a concealment of ironic humour, after ~ learning about this demon/witch hunter.

What else is miss out on Toboso hiding in these facts?


(All art credit goes come Yana Toboso).

Let us begin with his age.

Sebastian states multiple time in both manga and also anime the he is fairly old, however how old is he exactly?

If we go top top account that he was born in 1543, by the time the victorian Era started Sebastian would certainly be 300 years old (300 at 1843 precisely). Ciel to be born in 1875, which would make his age become 332 years old, and also in the existing age that is at, Sebastian would be..


345 years old!


It isn"t together old together we"d expect, however perhaps as soon as we spoke about thousands the years, we were overthinking it? either way, currently that I have a more solid period that is what I will stick to, until additional notice.


The following theory I will certainly look at, is what type of demon Sebastian is, according to the demon i m sorry was associated with the genuine Sebastian.

The main demon that is spoken about is:



"Beelzebub and also them that space with that shoot arrows" - man Bunyan.

Beelzebub/Beelzebul is a name given to a winged demon. In the Christian Bible, and also the testimony of Solomon he is known as Lucifer, or among the 7 princes of hell.

When observing a quote:

"In the testament of Solomon, Beelzebul appears as prince the the demons and also says the he was formerly a leading heavenly angel that was linked with the star Hesperus (which is the typical Greek surname for the world Venus night star). Seemingly, Beelzebul here is just Lucifer. Beelzebul cases to reason destruction v tyrants, to cause demons to be worshipped amongst men, come excite priests to lust, to reason jealousies in cities and murders, and also to carry on war".

One can allude out a couple of things the relate to Sebastian.

- In the opening credits and also various illustrations, Sebastian is seen through black wings. This might either be due to the fact that he"s a raven demon, or native the fact that he was a fallen angel, and was once graceful. The black can represent disgrace and also filth, top top his holy wings.

- every seem charmed through Sebastian"s mask worshipping his intimidating presence. That isn"t /just/ because he"s pretty, Hm?

- within the very first season (although it was probably just out there for humour), Sebastian seduces a nun to defy her divine training and also give in come lust.

Sebastien Michaelis (demonologist) inserted Beelzebub on the perform of 3 most influential fallen angels. Lucifer and also Leviathan. Follow to occultist, he was likewise known together the Emperor of Hell.

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Although I believe that Yana blended Sebastian"s demon species from miscellaneous demons, Beezlebub should be thought about considering I view him very tiny in theory posts, although the is the main demon connected to the real Sebastien Michaelis.


Thank you for reading this far!

What room your theories?

Did any kind of of this make you believe a specific theory or assist with information? What character would certainly you favor to see next? Feedback would be deep appreciated!