Eddie ~ above TV"s "Frasier" was played by Moose and son, Enzo. The opinionated Jack Russell was among the ideal characters ~ above the show!

Eddie drive Kelsey Grammer"s lead character crazy because that 10 years on the show. He later shared the the dog, Moose, was normally mischievous, making that the perfect pupto play Eddie.

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You may remember that Grammer pointed out Moose in his Emmy accept speech.

"Eddie" Trivia

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According come Frasier Fandom, Eddie is the Jack Russell Terrier own by young name Crane. Eddie interpreted human language come a particular degree; like the time someone spelled out B-A-T-H and also Eddie scampers to prevent it. Eddie had tendency to sit and stare in ~ Frasier for hrs on end.

His birthday is first said come be may 7 yet later adjusted to may 15.It was revealed in a recall in "The Return of martin Crane" that, prior to obtaining Eddie, Martin had actually purchased a goldfish additionally named Eddie. When a colleague said that he obtain a dog, Martin declared not to be a dog person.According to various commentaries and behind the scenes programs, Moose was very well-trained and also obedient to his owner, but never really took to any kind of of the cast.

"Eddie" to be Played by Moose and Enzo

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Moose winner the duty on Frasier after just six months of training. Moose"s capacity to solve Kelsey Grammer v a long stare became a to run gag top top the show. When Moose had actually to lick his co-stars, however, things like sardine oil were used to the actors" faces.

Enterprise News says Eddie to be recast throughout the show"s lengthy run. Moose played him from 1993 to 2000 before his boy Enzo take it over until the present ended in 2004.

"Grammer climate reveals some behind-the-scenes gossip native Frasier around how in the direction of the finish of his stint Moose had obtained so old and gray that in his last appearance on the present the make-up department painted his faded markings ago on, and also he just obtained to sit on the couch and also take that easy, since he couldn"t really execute anymore."

Eddie died in 2006

Moose died as soon as he was 16 year old in ~ the Los Angeles house of trainer Mathilde Halberg, according to civilization magazine.

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Thissitcomis one of my all-time faves. ThedogEddieandKelsey Grammarwere hilarious. The canine actor should have actually wonbest actor! The character had actually a personality nearly as huge asDr.FrasierCrane"s character.

This is an extremely sad news the Moose has because passed away, you re welcome let us know what friend think below? Did friend love Frasier as lot as us did?