After a te of post-apocalyptic zombie action, the eleventh and also final season the The walking Dead is set to premiere top top AMC. Like any kind of long-running series, the display has definitely seen some ups and downs, but its affect on pop culture has been undeniable. Walking Dead characters like rick Grimes, Daryl Dixon, Michonne Hawthorne, and also the sadistically wisecracking Negan have end up being television icons, and also their signature weapons are simply as memorable.

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Deputy stack Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) dead a .357 Magnum Colt Python revolver together his duty sidearm.

Watching previous Sheriff's Deputy stack Grimes and company use everything weapons they can muster against hordes that flesh-eating zombie is a huge part the the go Dead's appeal. Whether its blades or bats or firehoses, martial arts and also domesticated tigers, to also weaponizing the undead themselves, naught is off borders when it pertains to the weapons of the wade Dead. However like any good zombie apocalypse story, the the weapons that journey the action home.

The .700 Nitro Express, 4-bore twin rifle, and also .950 JDJ, three good weapon choices against zombies, human marauders, and also pumpkins.

Which guns are best for enduring a zombie apocalypse? that a fun controversy for horror fans and also firearms enthusiasts, and also The wade Dead gives us a opportunity to watch few of those scenarios play the end every week. Dozens of handguns, rifles, and shotguns have been portrayed throughout the series, therefore let’s take it a look ago at few of the most notable firearms from each season the The walking Dead.

The walking Dead’s last season premieres on respectable 22, 2021.

Season 1: Day’s gone Bye

The go Dead, a tv adaptation that Robert Kirkman's graphics novels, was a unique ide when it first debuted over a te ago. A weekly television series about a zombie pandemic the somehow controlled to balance it s too dirty action, blood-splattering horror, and characters with more depth than one might expect indigenous the zombie genre. The visuals were equally iconic, like the haunting shoot of rick Grimes riding right into a watch deserted Atlanta after waking up from a coma and learning around the outbreak along with the audience.

Merle Dixon picks off zombies v his Winchester design 70.

Rick’s Colt Python is hands under the most famed gun of The walking Dead, and its popularity almost certainly added to the surging of interest in the revolver that proceeds to this day.

After a close contact inside an M1 Abrams tank, rick is saved by valley Rhee and links up through a camp the survivors outside the city that includes his mam Laurie, his kid Carl, and also his old companion Shane. The ragtag survivors absence both considerable weaponry and knowledge that the undead walkers, which only heightens the threat.

Shane’s (Jon Bernthal) Mossberg 590 12 gauge, because no perform of zombie fighting tools would be complete without part heavy-duty shotguns.

Understanding the prestige of firearms in a zombie apocalypse, stack decides to go back into the city to grab a bag of guns he’d dropped earlier. The stash includes modern-day shotguns such as the Harrington & Richardson Pardner Pump Protector to classic heavy hitters prefer the BAR, i m sorry the team uses come fend turn off a pedestrian attack. Several noteworthy character deaths establishes that nobody is safe and anything have the right to happen, and also that promise would continue into the next season and also beyond.

Season 2: The Greene Farm

After a tense opening season, the 2nd chapter that The wade Dead take away on more of a slow burn and also lets the character breath a little. Over there are definitely a couple of sluggish points, and also several episodes beforehand lack the front momentum offered in the Season 2 premiere, however there’s still plenty of activity and gore come be had actually as Rick’s group struggles to preserve their mankind in the face of fear after horror. Climate a couple of gunfights toward the back half of the season demonstrates that the life are simply as dangerous together the dead.

Dale and Andrea security the team with a Remington 700, a great long-range zombie gun.

Rick’s team is swarmed by a herd that walkers too large to take it on v their minimal arsenal. After reuniting ~ above Hershel Greene’s farm, the survivors type a loosely knit neighborhood dynamic together they lick their wounds and also search for Carol Peletier’s daughter. Few of the less experienced characters learn come shoot, consisting of Lauri practicing v a Colt Detective Special, Carl training through a Browning BDA, and also Andrea trying she hand through a smith & Wesson 3913 "Ladysmith", every decent close-range sidearms against the undead.

Hershel’s Remington 870 Wingmaster shotgun. RIAC’s shotguns don’t carry unlimited ammo, however they’re still funny to shoot.

The team suffers a heartbreaking loss, setting the remainder of the season right into high gear that has a tense conference with one more band of survivors and also a deadly standoff in between a SIG-Sauer P228 and Rick’s Python. The friction between Rick and Shane explodes, drawing a zombie horde straight right into Hershel’s farmstead, where he valiantly defends his home with an limitless ammo cheat code.


Season 3: The Prison

If The walking Dead’s 2nd season was a cerebral slow burn, Season 3 is an action-packed flour keg. Intriguing brand-new characters like Michonne room introduced, currently favorites prefer the crossbow-touting Daryl Dixon come into their own, and one of the show’s peak antagonists, the Governor, unleashes the big guns against Rick’s reeling band. Season 3 of The go Dead takes a broader look at both the show’s apocalyptic landscape and the heavy firepower needed to make it through its limitless horrors.

Michonne’s (Danai Gurira) katana knife is a competitor for the ideal zombie melee weapon.

While Rick’s group battles their means into the family member safety the a prison, Andrea and also her new traveling companion, the katana-wielding Michonne, run right into the Governor, a brutal regional leader who loves flashy firearms like the nickel plated Beretta version 92FS. Meanwhile, rick suffers his best loss yet. As he battles to save it together, the group realizes that even with some extra guns and ammo they’ve recovered indigenous the prison armory, they’re still woefully unequipped to deal with the Governor.

Maggie’s (Lauren Cohan) M1903 Springfield is a trusted rifle because that sniping zombies.

The Governor soon sets his sights top top the prison, with characters like Andrea and Merle required to pick a side. Rick seizes weapons from Morgan Jones, an additional returning favorite from Season 1, who has a big stockpile the AR-15s and H&K MP5s. The branch answers ago with hefty hitters favor the Norinco kind 56-1 and also the Beretta Cx4 Storm, and the series’ an initial true battle erupts.

The big guns room unleashed together the Governor assaults the prison.

Season 4: Too much Gone

Season 3 to be a bloodbath the saw major characters loss to both the ravenous undead and also the brutality that the living. The very first half of Season 4 steps back a bit and returns come the feel of the very first season, one intelligent turn on the horror genre through a healthy dose of grindhouse gore. The plenty of collateral impacts of the zombie outbreak provides the dream the a permanent residence seem all yet impossible, and the branch returns in an M60 Patton to drive that point home.

Tyrese brandishes the famous M1 Carbine, a reputable gun because that a zombie outbreak.

While Rick’s team has clearly been stockpiling firearms, the Governor’s new army come packing weapons like the AKS-74U and Valmet M76, and also a unconvinced Tara Chambler tote an IMI manufactured totally automatic Uzi. Surprised but not defenseless, Rick’s team repels the attackers v weapons prefer Sasha’s H&K MP5A2 and the clever use of an Mk 2 grenade from Daryl, but not before taking hefty losses.

The Governor’s Steyr Aug bullpup, an additional memorable go Dead gun.

Scattered and divided, the survivors are required to take it their chances on the roadway for the rest of the season. Several of the show’s many memorable and lasting relationships are forged, and brand-new fan favorite are presented like the machine-gun pack Abraham Ford and pistol-toting Rosita Espinosa, and also their helpless however brainy companion, Eugene Porter.

The back-half the Season 4 likewise includes the masterful episode, ‘The Grove’, a show of simply how great The go Dead can be as soon as it provides its post-apocalyptic zombie background to tell tragic person stories.

Season 5: The road to Alexandria

Four seasons in, and The wade Dead yes, really hit that stride together a high quality drama. Season 5 proceeds the character-centric focus, but opens with perhaps the most epic illustration of the whole series. Rick and agency have to be forged into a lethal force of zombie slayers, as qualified with blade and axe as they room with guns by this point. There are still some uneven moments here and also there, favor Beth’s hospital arc, yet watching previously timid personalities like Carol become fighting machines helps elevate another solid season.

Abraham’s H&K device gun is an additional top zombie rifle.

Rick’s team finds themselves stripped of their weapons and in a dark place, yet Carol come storming come the rescue, acquisition down an entire community through a customized M16, some bottle rockets, and a horde of zombie in tow. Seizing weapons from your captors favor the Ruger Mini-14 and Norinco kind 56, Rick’s tape battles their way to safety and also continues their find for a brand-new home in a human being gone mad.

The Colt Detective one-of-a-kind is a fitting gun for Carol’s (Melissa Mcbride) unassuming outward appearence and preference for remaining under the radar.

After one more tear-jerking midseason finale, the group once again hits the road and soon discovers they have company. Traveling alone and also carrying little much more than a flare gun and also a smith & Wesson 36 DA revolver, Aaron claims to it is in a recruiter for an additional community of survivors.

The walled settlement of Alexandria has actually an impressive arsenal of anti-zombie weapons, consisting of the FNH SCAR 17S and also Heckler & Koch HK416D, yet the inhabitants lack the experience and grit that Rick’s hardened band. To speak to the remainder of the season a culture clash would certainly be an understatement.

Season 6: A bigger World

Anyone hope the present would return to its zombie-fighting roots would certainly not have long to wait in Season 6. Setups and also foreshadowing abound together Rick and agency struggle come take back their new home and resolve two brand-new groups castle encounter exterior their borders. Despite the second half of Season 6 no feel rather as polished, see an expanded people is a welcome change of pace, and also any season that consists of multiple scenes v an RPG-7 rocket launcher gift fired is an excellent by extension.

Glenn (Steven Yeun) aims a Colt collection 70, a an excellent sidearm against both the undead and also human marauders alike.

The an initial batch of illustration kicks off v a failed setup to divert a herd of walkers indigenous Alexandria, scattering the key characters. The undead breach the walls and also tear down half the city in among the many startling set pieces yet, and the petrified occupants are required to usage sidearms choose the CZ 82, the smith & Wesson Sigma, and the Springfield Armory TRP. Also that doesn’t placed a dent in the undead horde, and also the survivors resort to hand come hand combat to finally win the day.

Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) brandishing one M16 rifle, an effective zombie fighting weapon at virtually any range.

A few months pass, and Rick and Daryl encounter the Hilltop settlement. The secret Saviors that prey top top the human being of Hilltop are progressively revealed, a large band that marauders equipped to the teeth with everything from modern rifles prefer the IMI Galil AR come iconic military firearms like the M14 and also German MP40. The Season 6 finale, ‘Last day on Earth’, ends through the most disturbing and also controversial cliffhanger in the whole series.

Negan and also Lucille do their wrecking debut on The go Dead.

Season 7: March to War

Guns have constantly played a huge part of The go Dead, however the following two periods would attribute a staggering variety of weapons as the human being further expands and also warring factions take shape. Military firearms from all ages are unleashed. The Walther P38, the Luger P.08 , the 1911A1, the SIG SG 550 – every little thing becomes fair game as every side vies for dominance.

Carl flourishes one FN FAL rifle, among the ideal guns because that a zombie outbreak.

Following one of the biggest gut punches in series history, Alexandria find itself at the mercy the the charismatically cruel Negan and also the literal army at his back. Meanwhile, Carol and Morgan conference the Kingdom, another community endangered by the Saviors. Unlike the delicate Hilltop, however, the Kingdom has a little fighting force of men and women wielding everything from the smith & Wesson model 945 and also the Springfield Armory M1A to swords and also spears and also axes.

Negan (Jeffery Dean Morgan) fires a MAC-10 with a rifle scope an installed onto a suppressor. Among the most memorable weapons on The go Dead, the MAC-10 and also its semi-automatic variants space fun firearms to fire.

Rick searches because that arms and also allies as the season unfolds, cumulating in a dramatic standoff. Teams like the bizarre Scavengers join the mix, fielding rifles choose the Romanian WASR-10 and also Ruger 10/22 regardless of their otherwise primitive culture. All-out war breaks the end in the finale, and Negan joins the activity with a wild-looking MAC-10 change that was inspired by the gun provided by the snake Plissken personality in to escape from new York. Daryl almost tops it v a crazy-looking Seekins Precision SP15 mod, and the Saviors are thrust off because that the moment.

Season 8: All the end War

An entire season dedicated to war gives the wade Dead's eighth thing a distinctive identity, while hordes of zombies continue to threaten both political parties in Rick’s battle against Negan. Season 8 have the right to feel a little choppy in ~ times, but some fun activity scenes, unpredictable deaths, and interesting twists carry the Savior’s arc come a to solve conclusion. And also if you a fellow firearm fanatic, and you love Jeeps and also gunfights and also heavy firepower, this season has you covered.

M2hb machine gun, a well-known Walking Dead firearm to pan of Season 8. A semi-automatic variation is available in rock Island Auction Company's September Premier.

Rick’s posse pulls up to Negan’s compound, gun’s blazing. Almost every firearm indigenous previous seasons renders an appearance, and brand-new rifles choose the Century arms RAS47, the CZ Scorpion Evo 3 S1, and also the Intratec TEC-9 debut. The Saviors answer ago with the SIG-Sauer MPX, the Norinco MAK-90, and also an arsenal of tiny arms favor the Glock-17 and the Springfield Armory TRP Tactical Model.

King Ezekiel raises a Colt 1911a1 pistol, among the many classic guns featured ~ above the go Dead.

Bat versus hatchet. Revolver matches Browning. Remington 870 Police Magnum versus blacksmith & Wesson Sigma. For a season filled v expansive gunfights, the last showdown between Rick and also Negan is surprisingly subdued. Probably that’s a fitting orgasm for a collection that has always been, in ~ its heart, a show around struggle, sacrifice, and also the human problem in the challenge of so much hardship.

The Whisperers and What come After

The following two seasons of The wade Dead took a fresh revolve after the prolonged battle through the Saviors. Daryl, Carol, and Michonne take center stage. Rick’s daughter Judith grows right into a proficient zombie-slayer ~ a time run in season nine, expertly wielding both katana and also revolver. Firearms grow less influential as ammo runs dry, and that subsequently makes the brand-new villains, the enigmatic Whisperers, every the more terrifying.

The eleventh and also final chapter of The wade Dead looks collection to attribute a brand-new antagonist, bring earlier some old fan favorites, and wrap up the story v an expansive 24 illustration mega-season. Even after the iconic collection draws to a conclusion, its two companion shows, fear The walking Dead and The go Dead: people Beyond, promise to continue the post-apocalyptic zombie adventure because that years to come.

When no shooting his crossbow, Daryl (Norman Reedus) uses a wide variety of guns, including the FNH U.S.A. FN SCAR 17S.

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