I've got a new Kubota M8540 tractor and also was unsure i beg your pardon engine oil to usage so ns submitted a concern using the kubota web site. I got a call today indigenous a organization representative at Kubota headquarters in Atlanta, GA (I'm in Tennessee). Ns was told the I must use 10W-30 engine oil which has actually the CE or CF API rating. I was told not to usage 15W-40. Ns was told the I execute not have to use Kubota brand oil, I would not void my warranty through using another oil as long as it had the exactly weight and also API rating.My operators manual says 10W-30 or 10W-40 v the CD, CE, or CF ratings. What is amazing is that ns contacted two regional kubota dealers and also they both claimed to usage 15W-40 i beg your pardon contradicts the operators manual and also the advice native kubota headquarters.So ns went today and bought 3 gallons the Kubota 10W-30 engine oil, it has actually the proper API CF rating, in reality it goes up to CI-4 i believe.I was likewise told through Kubota headquarters not to use man-made oil in the new motor, it had something to do with the rings. Kubota headquarters did not see lot value in using synthetic oil yet said if i really wanted to usage it I need to wait until the engine has actually 150 to 200 hrs on it. I think I'll just stay through the typical oils which reportedly are very an excellent quality this days.I have the hydraulic spaceship wet clutch transmission on my tractor and was told by kubota headquarters the I have to use the Kubota SUDT liquid for the transmission/hydraulic fluid. Lastly Kubota headquarters additionally said I need to use hefty weight 80W-90 gear oil in the front axle instead of the SUDT fluid. He offered me a pointer on changing the prior axle fluid, he claimed to open the drain holes at each of the outer hub gear assemblies and drain the fluid and then to usage the front finish loader come lift the front finish a tiny and climate to press down top top the tire/wheel to tilt the axle to get an ext fluid to drainpipe out.

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I have a L-4400, a pair of months back I go on their web site and saw the CJ4 oil wasn't recommended, emailed them and received a answer that stated the CJ4 oil to be ok. They to be a article here around it.I've wanted to shot the 5w-40 oil but my dealer didn't introduce it, stated they just use 15w-40, once it's cold (below 40f the engine is very loud). My manuel says 10w-30 or 10w-40 end 77f.So ns emailed Kubota and also just recieved this email, Kubota does not recommend 5w-40 in the L-4400 yet 10w-30 or 15w-40 is approved.I great Kubota and also all their world would acquire on the same page, not much unity in between anyone other than they all seem to think the 10w-30 is ok listed below 77f.I guess in ~ this allude I'll usage the 10-30 in winter and 15-40 in summer however it would certainly be quite to be able to use one great of oil.