British adventurer Bear Grylls has slept within a camel carcass, guzzled yak blood and also made a wetsuit the end of sealskin top top the discovery Channel’s struggle survival series “Man vs. Wild.” however those are just his reality show exploits. The previous Special Air company soldier has actually also completed astonishing tasks off-screen: He came to be one of the youngest climbers to summit mountain Everest in 1998; five years later, he guided a team cross the north Atlantic in an open blow up boat; and also in 2007, he collection a paramotoring record in the Himalayas. Today, the best-selling author and also father of three has actually launched a brand-new production house, The organic Studios, and is working on shows including “Running Wild” on national Geographic and “Treasure Island” top top the UK’s Channel 4. Here, the 46-year-old shares v Alexa his self-rescue gear.

“These Revo Sunglasses room dependable and virtually indestructible — ns am constantly squashing them! I also love that the frame allows for preferably coverage and also the polarized lenses are super high quality.”

Revo x be afflicted with Grylls “Maverick” sunglasses, $158 at Bear GryllsCourtesy of Revo x be affected by each other Grylls

“Who doesn’t love healthy nut butter? I always find room for some of these pouches as soon as preparing for any kind of trip.”

Organic Paleo strength Fuel 2go (box of 10), $14 at NuttZo

“If you require a lightweight jacket the still keeps friend warm, you have the right to wear this top top its own or wear both jackets together for that sweet-spot mix of warmth and also bad-weather protection.”

The North confront “Evolve II Triclimate” jacket, $226 at Cotswold Outdoor

“Touchtennis is just one of the most exciting new sports out there. The a combination of the physicality and speed the squash combined with the capability to play the sort of tennis you can only dream about on a regular court, and that’s what makes it therefore fun.”

Touchtennis home kit, $182 in ~ Stringers World

“These shoes space incredible — lightweight, tough, stylish and also grippy. I use them most days because that localized adventures choose hiking and also running, and even as soon as out paragliding.”

“Supertrac Ultra RC” shoes, $160 in ~ Scott Sports

“I’m supervisor proud the the range we’ve created with Luminox, and also this one is a favourite of mine. Do from recycled ocean plastics and also engraved v those three crucial words, ‘Never offer Up.’ This watch has actually been a companion on countless an adventure.”

Luminox x bear Grylls survival Eco series 3703 clock in #tide recycled ocean material, $445 in ~ Luminox

“My first-ever book on how belief can empower and help you with turbulent times.”

“Soul Fuel: A day-to-day Devotional” by bear Grylls, $20 at BearGrylls

“One that the an essential things you need in a survival situation is fire. Indigenous fire you have the right to boil water to do it safe to drink, cook food, deter animals and also keep warm. Anticipate that lighters will certainly break and also matches will acquire wet.”

Lifesystems twin Action Fire Starter, $30 at hill Equipment

“This survival sanctuary is lightweight and also compact. Once you’re in the wild, the much less kit you have to lug the better. It’s because that an emergency, however as I have actually learnt, be prepared. Yet travel light.”

Lifesystems 4-person survival shelter, $40 at Fruugo

“This flick knife has helped me through countless a tricky situation. A an excellent knife is a crucial piece of devices on an adventure. With it, you deserve to then do shelter, fire, tools, traps and hunt for food.”

Skeletool KBX pocket knife, $30 at Leatherman

“You’ve gotta make sure your feet are protected, warm and also dry when you’re travel across daunting terrain.

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Feet-first is a crucial mantra because that survival. This are likewise super light and also comfortable, which i like.”