What sort of structure is most common in environment-friendly literatureA. ChronologicalB. SpatialC. TopicalD. Compare-and-contrast

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Invasive types from China and Europe have led come the near-extinction of many native species, including the American chestnut tree.What term finest describes the framework of the passage?A. Cause-and-effectB. ChronologicalC. SpatialD. Compare-and-contrast
Why is Rachel Carson"s work taken into consideration green literature?A. Due to the fact that she wrote about environmental damage caused by DDTB. Due to the fact that she wrote about environmentalist movements to maintain natureC. Since she stayed in the wilderness without contemporary conveniences once she wroteD. Since she led protests versus government deforestation
Which object is most related come the design template of conservation in green literature?A. Different TransportationB. Fossil FuelsC. Water ResourcesD. Carbon emissions
What object or theme execute all three poems in the reading have actually in common?A. Humanity"s destructivenessB. The beginnings of natureC. The source of evilD. Nature"s ruthlessness
What distinguishes literary nonfiction from classic nonfiction?A. Biographical dataB. Superordinary elementsC. FactsD. Characterization
What is the poet Sara Teasdale most most likely criticizing in "There will certainly Come Soft Rains"?A. Humanity"s prominence to the worldB. The cruelty that the seasonsC. Ecological pollutionD. People"s tendency to it is in complacent
What is one object that man Muir writes about in Our nationwide Parks?A. The impacts of enhanced carbon emissions ~ above wildlifeB. Just how trees, which space helpless, must be protected from foolsC. The indirect damage caused by pesticides on animal lifeD. What the takes come live turn off the land much from civilization
Which story topic would certainly most likely be explored in eco-friendly literature?A. A gardener befriends a deer to that likes to eat tomato from his garden.B. A rare bird is caught from the wild and also brought into captivity at a zoo.C. A farmer struggles to obtain his plants to thrive due o flooding issuesD. A biologist discovers a new species of beetle that lives in the Midwest
I don"t know, probably C?JUST DON"T select D THOUGH. D IS not correct !!(Listen to billy Eilish due to the fact that even if you obtain it wrong you"ll feel good
Which activity did man Muir take the brought about "green awareness"?A. He composed wildlife and also survival guides because that nature enthusiasm B. He established the connection in between pesticides and also cancer C. He produced the environmental protection agency D. He established the Sierra Club

World history Patterns that InteractionDahia Ibo Shabaka, Larry S. Krieger, Linda Black, Phillip C. Naylor, roger B. Beck



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