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Madagascar has actually two official languages: Malagasy and French. Both were called official language of the newly developed Malagasy Republic in the very first Constitution of 1958. In 2007, the Constitution called English as an main language together well; however, this decision to be reversed during a referendum organized in 2010. Malagasy is by much the many widely spoken language. Nevertheless, plenty of people affiliated in the tourism market speak some English, if visitors with a great understanding that French will certainly be at an advantagein making themselves understood.

history of the main Languages


Several different dialects the Malagasy are talked in Madagascar, though all of them room mutually intelligible. They deserve to be split geographically right into two groups: the five Eastern dialect (spoken in the central plateau and much of north Madagascar) and six west dialects (predominantly spoken in the southern fifty percent of the island). Of every the Malagasy dialects, Merina is considered the standard and is generally interpreted throughout the country.

Malagasy is component of the Malayo-Polynesian branch that the Austronesian family of languages, and is most comparable to languages spoken in Indonesia, Malaysia, and also the Philippines. This renders the island unique from the east African mainland, whereby Bantu (of afri origin) languages dominate. The factor for this is that Madagascar was very first settled by traders from maritime Southeast Asia that arrived in outrigger canoes between 350 B.C. And also 550 A.D. The majority of these inhabitants were from the Sunda archipelago (including locations of modern Indonesia, Borneo, Brunei, and East Timor).

The Malagasy language advanced with exposure to various other settlers and traders and also was particularly influenced by the Bantu migrants who began to arrive from east Africa in the nine century. Together a result, part Malagasy words are of Bantu, Swahili, Arab, English, and also French origin.


The condition of French together an main language of Madagascar dates earlier to the country’s facility as a French protectorate (in 1883) and then as a French swarm (in 1896). Madagascar ongoing under French ascendancy for over 60 years, only gaining full independence again in 1960.

Where space the languages Spoken?

Malagasy is the lingua franca in Madagascar, and is talked as a first language by most Malagasy people. In public schools, the is provided as the language the instruction for all topics up to grade five; and then for history and Malagasy language lessons thereafter. External Madagascar, Malagasy is talked by expatriate communities; largely on neighboring Indian s islands favor Mauritius, Comoros, and Réunion.

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In Madagascar, French is provided as the medium of accuse for higher grades and is spoken primarily by the educated population as a second language. That is generally used in business. According to L’Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, end 4 million Malagasy people speak French, v 5 percent considered fully Francophone and also another 15.4 percent thought about partially francophone. Globally, French is an main language in 29 countries, is the 5th most talked language in the world, and has around 277 million speakers worldwide.