The Rio Grande in big Bend nationwide Park separating the us state the Texas native the mexican state that Chihuahua.

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The Mexico–United states (US) border is an international border in phibìc America the separates the United states of America come the north and Mexico come the south. The border has a total length that 3,145 kilometres (1,954 mi) and also stretches indigenous the Pacific ocean in the west come the Gulf of Mexico in the east. The border passes v a wide range of terrains, varying bustling urban to vast, uninhabited deserts. The Rio Grande, likewise called the Río Bravo del Norte, forms component of the Mexico–US Border.

Rio Grande at the US-Mexico Border

The ar of the border between Mexico and also the united state that is developed by the Rio Grande has actually an estimated length that ranges in between 1,431 km and 2,008 km, depending on how the flow is measured. Number of tributaries, consisting of the Rio Conchos, Pecos, and also Devils rivers, go into the Rio Grande in ~ points along the border.

Course the the Rio Grande

The Rio Grande rises in the Rio Grande National forest in the us state the Colorado and also is created by the involvement of several streams in ~ the base of Canby Mountain, which is component of the mountain Juan Mountains. The river flows into brand-new Mexico, then adheres to a southerly path through desert urban such as las Cruces and Albuquerque. The river meets the US-Mexico boundary at the border crossing between El Paso, Texas, US, and also Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico. The river forms the herbal boundary between Texas and also the Mexican states of Tamaulipas, Nuevo León, Coahuila, and also Chihuahua. Next, the flow flows eastern through deserts and then creates a small, sandy delta as it drains right into the Gulf the Mexico.

Border Crossings on the Rio Grande

The segment the the border formed by the Rio Grande has several crossings, in the form of global bridges, that enable the activity of people and also goods between the US and Mexico. These encompass the Texas-Tamaulipas, Texas-Coahuila, Texas-Nuevo León, and also Texas-Chihuahua crossings.

Sharing the Rio Grande

The US and Mexico re-publishing the waters the the Rio Grande, which is characterized through a series of agreements in between the two countries. Additionally, the international Boundary and also Water commission (IBWC), developed in 1889, administers the agreements and also allocates the river’s waters between the US and also Mexico.

Unfortunately, overuse of the waters of the Rio Grande has actually greatly decreased its volume.

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Recently, a component of the flow downstream that El Paso, Texas was nicknamed "The forget River" by conservationists that wanted to draw attention to the dire state that the river.