Shelled raw nuts that list BHA, BHT, or any type of other additive on the ingredient label call for special Passover certification. If no additives room listed, raw nuts may be acceptable when bearing an OU symbol. Pecans the are whole or half are acceptable v an OU certification, midgets and pecan pieces need Passover certification.

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(See Almond Meal)


In Europe different areas had different customs about peanuts. Some considered them to be kitniyot; while others ate peanuts on Passover.

Many years earlier the OU certified Kosher because that Passover peanut oils because that those Jews whose practice was come eat peanuts and also peanut oil top top Passover.

However, in current years we have actually stopped certifying peanut oil together Kosher for Passover.

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Furthermore, us cannot introduce that world whose custom is to use peanut oil on Passover use un-certified peanut oil, because of concerns around the peanut oil gift processed on non-Passover equipment.

OU Kosher Staff
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