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I know this has been asked many times, however for my 2001 sportsman 400, should i usage 0w-40, amsoil 0w-50 mobil 1 or 5w-50 castrol ns usually just use my atv in the winter, what would certainly be the ideal oil because that me
im running polaris oil in the engine and also transmission ideal now, im pretty sure its a 0w-50 , i likewise have part castrol 5w-50 synthetic, more than likely going to usage mobil1 or amsoil from currently on

I know this has been asked plenty of times, but for my 2001 sportsman 400, have to i use 0w-40, amsoil 0w-50 mobil 1 or 5w-50 castrol i usually only use mine atv in the winter, what would be the best oil for me
With the said..... "usually only use mine atv in the winter". It"s recommended the a "good" quality synthetic in the 0W40 or 0W50 range is used. Note: The "0" in 0W40, is basically the cold weather pourability or just how "fluid" it is at cold temps. And also a "0" is rated because that -40°F ambient air temperature. And also the "40" in 0W40 is the heat weather approximately rated for approximately 100°F. as for the smell / brand.... Choose your favorite brand, to water it in and use it. Some of the many popular options by members the this site are: Pure Polaris (for those the follow the owners hand-operated like it"s the Bible), and also most rather use.... Mobil1 0W40, Amsoil 0W40, Castrol 0W40, shell Rotella T6.... And also so on!Also in Canada and also the northern States... A 0W40 would be perfect year-round oil.

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