The freezing spell actors over harry is broken, and also he rushesdown the stairs after ~ Snape and also Draco. Harry runs, dodging cursesand bodies and also hexing Amycus, who is do the efforts to death Ginny. Harrysees Ron, Professor McGonagall, and also Lupin every battling a DeathEater. Harry sprints past his confused schoolmates toward Snape,Draco, and a huge blond fatality Eater. Harry look at Hagrid arise fromhis cabin and attempt to stop the death Eaters indigenous fleeing thegrounds. Take care of is struck native behind by a curse and waits top top theground because that his attackers come near. Harry strikes back, knocking themboth down, climate keeps running. Hagrid is fighting the blond hair DeathEater, and also Snape and Draco space rushing towards the gates, whereby theywill have the ability to Disapparate. Harry intends at Snape and misses. Theblond death Eater set Hagrid’s house on fire. Snape tells Dracoto keep running and turns to challenge Harry. Snape does not fight back,and bother screams in ~ him, calling him a coward. Take care of is suddenlyhit and falls over. The hears Snape’s voice shouting “No!” and telling Harry’sattacker that Harry is to be saved for the Dark Lord.

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Harry no much longer cares whether he lives or dies and also staggers towardSnape, but Snape dodges his curses as soon as more. Harry attempts a Levicorpuscurse, yet Snape deflects him. Top top the soil again, Snape movestoward Harry, crouching over his collapse body. Snape speak Harrythat he, Snape, is the Half-Blood Prince, and also that take care of shouldnot usage his very own spells on him, together Harry’s father did. Harry daresSnape to death him and also calls that a coward when more. Snape stunsHarry and also runs toward the gates, whereby he and Draco Disapparate.Harry battles to sit up and also yells because that Hagrid. Hagrid rushes overand scoops Harry into his arms. Together, they use the Aquamentispell to placed out the fire in Hagrid’s house. Harry speak Hagridthat Snape eliminated Dumbledore. Hagrid go not believe Harry andleads him ago to Hogwarts, whereby the students room assembling onthe lawn, quiet unsure what has actually happened.

Hagrid clues the Dark mark over the Astronomy Tower and also noticesa body lying in the grass—Dumbledore. Take care of is silent as the straightensDumbledore’s spectacles and wipes far the trickle the blood comingfrom his mouth. A crowd gathers behind Harry. Take care of spots the locketthey take it from the cave, which has actually fallen native Dumbledore’s pocket,and he choose it up. The locket is not as big as Slytherin’s, nordoes it bear his mark. When Harry opens it, he finds a little pieceof parchment through a note written to Voldemort. The note’s author,who indications his or her name “R. A. B.,” speak Voldemort that he hasdiscovered his secret, stolen the Horcrux, and intends come destroyit as quickly as the can. The writer tells Voldemort the he or shehopes that when Voldemort meets his match, he will simply be a mortalman. Harry does not recognize the message, nor does the care. Harryonly knows that whoever stole the actual Horcrux contributed to Dumbledore’sdeath, bring about him to undermine himself by drinking a awful potionfor nothing.


The freeze spell Dumbledore cast on harry is brokenwhen Dumbledore is killed, and Harry explode into activity immediately, doinghis best to manage the situation and prevent the from obtaining anyworse. Once the truth of Dumbledore’s fatality seeps in, harry stopscaring even if it is he stays or dies, acting together if he has absolutely nothingleft to lose. Now, Harry can think of nothing except stopping Snapeand Draco and also avenging the fatality of his beloved headmaster. The takesoff after ~ the pair without protecting against to think around anything else.When bother finally records up through Snape, the does his best to casta killing spell, but Snape continuously blocks his attempts. Italmost seems as if Snape go not desire Harry to end up being a murderer,just as Dumbledore did no wish because that Draco to become a murderer.Snape never ever tries to death Harry, also though the is offered ample opportunityto do so. Instead, he continues blocking Harry’s spells and also refusesto hit back.

Similarly, when an additional Death Eater attempts to strikeHarry, Snape screams, “No,” and also tells the attacker the Harry shouldbe saved for Voldemort. Essentially, Snape conserves Harry’s life. Moments later,when a fatality Eater sets Hagrid’s house on fire, Harry’s feeling ofdevastation grows also deeper. He can not imagine likewise losing Hagrid,having shed Dumbledore simply minutes earlier. In ~ this point, Harrystill walk not understand whether Ron and also Hermione are safe and also fearsthat every single person important to that is gift taken far byVoldemort’s minions. In many ways, bother hits rock bottom in chapter 28,no longer appearing to care about the repercussions of his actions,thinking only about killing Snape and Draco Malfoy or, at the veryleast, avoiding them native escaping. Hagrid refuses to believethat Dumbledore is dead, and it becomes clear that it is nearlyimpossible because that anyone come imagine hogwart without its to ~ headmaster,Dumbledore.

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When Harry finally retrieves the locket, he discoversthat it is not, in fact, a Horcrux. Someone named R. A. B. Has alreadyretrieved the Horcrux and also replaced it with a decoy, presumably working underthe same motivation as Harry and Dumbledore. Although bother readsthe note, he does no seem to totally understand what it says andrefuses to recognize that R. A. B. Admits to ruining the Horcrux.All Harry have the right to think around is exactly how Dumbledore has sacrificed his ownlife for a fake locket, and that news is as well troubling come bear.However, the note refers to both the destruction of the locket andHarry. As soon as R.A.B speak of Voldemort one day meeting his match,and being mortal when they confront each other, it is clear the heor she is referring to Harry and also hoping to help Harry in his questto damage Voldemort forever. Regardless, harry is too distraughtto bother thinking around the materials of the note, and all however ignoresits sentiments.