Montag reaches down to touch the mechanical Hound in the fire station, and it growls in ~ him and also threatens him. Montag tells Captain Beatty what happened and suggests that someone might have set the Hound to react to him choose that, due to the fact that it has threatened him double before. Montag marvels aloud what the Hound thinks about and pities it once Beatty replies that it thinks just what they call it to think, that hunting and killing and so forth. The various other firemen enraged Montag about the Hound, and also one tells him about a fireman in Seattle that committed suicide by setup a Hound come his very own chemical complex. Beatty assures him no one would have done that to Montag and also promises to have the Hound checked out. Over the next week, Montag watch Clarisse outside and also talks with her every day. She asks the why he never had any type of children and tells him the she has actually stopped going come school since it to be mindless and also routine. ~ above the eighth day, he does not view Clarisse. The starts to turn back to look because that her, however his train arrives and also he heads for work. In ~ the firehouse, he asks Beatty what occurred to the man whose library they burned the week before. Beatty claims he was required to the insane asylum. Montag marvels aloud what the would have actually been like to have remained in the man’s ar and practically reveals that he looked at the an initial line the a publication of fairy tales in the library prior to they melted it.

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He asks if firemen ever prevented fires, and two other firemen take the end their ascendancy books and show him where it says the Firemen the America were established in 1790 by Benjamin Franklin come burn English-influenced books. Then the alarm sounds, and they head off to a decayed, old home with publications hidden in its attic. They press aside an old mrs to obtain to them. A book falls right into Montag’s hand, and also without thinking he hides it beneath his coat. Even after lock spray the books with kerosene, the woman refuses to go. Beatty start to irradiate the fire anyway, but Montag protests and also tries to sway her to leave. She quiet refuses, and as soon as Montag exits, she strikes a complement herself and the house goes increase in flames with her in it. The firemen are strangely quiet as they ride ago to the station afterward.


So it was the hand that began it all . . . His hands had actually been infected, and soon it would be his arm. . . . His hands were ravenous.

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The mechanically Hound proceeds the paradoxical template of living but not Living. Favor Mildred and also the snakelike maker that pumps her stomach, the Hound is at the same time like and not choose a living thing. The is unlike a genuine dog in the it is do of metal and has eight legs and also a needle in the muzzle that extends and also administers a lethal sheep of anesthetic. The possibility that who may have actually purposely collection the Hound’s sensors to reaction hostilely to Montag foreshadows trouble v an opponent in the fire station, together does his interaction with Beatty, who appears to suspect that something is walking on with Montag. Montag is conscious of feeling vaguely guilty around Beatty, however he does not understand the specific origin that his feeling.

In this section, Montag begins to feeling alienated indigenous the various other firemen. He realizes unexpectedly that every the other firemen look specifically like him, v their uniforms, physiques, and also grafted-on, sooty smiles. This is merely a physics manifestation of the fact that his society demands the everyone think and act the same. He offered to bet v the various other firemen on gamings of releasing pets for the Hound come catch and also kill, yet now he just lies in his bunk upstairs and listens every night. He begins to concern things no other fireman would ever before think of, such as why alarms always come in at night, and also whether this is simply due to the fact that fire is prettier then. This explanation renders perfect sense in a culture as recorded up in superficial aesthetics as Montag’s and also is in keeping with the novel’s portrayal of book burning together a type of ghoulish entertainment. When the firemen find the old mrs still in her house at the scene of the burning, Montag mirrors a volume for empathy and also compassion that is uncommon in his society. First, he feels very uncomfortable, due to the fact that he generally only has actually to attend to the lifeless books, without human being emotions acquiring involved. Then, though the various other men also seem uncomfortable and shot to compensate for her silently accusing existence with increased task and talking, Montag tries to convince her to leave, to save her life.

Beatty’s character i do not care more complex here as he speaks to the woman. That summarizes his reasons for burn books, saying that none that the books agree through each other and that plenty of are just subversive lies about people who never actually lived. That compares books—which contain thousands of varying opinions—to the Tower that Babel, the biblical framework that resulted in the universal human being language to be fragmentised into thousands of different voices. Beatty recognizes that the comment the old woman made once the firemen arrived was in reality a quotation the Hugh Latimer’s words come Nicholas Ridley together the 2 of lock were about to be melted at the stake together heretics in sixteenth-century England. This is the first hint of Beatty’s impressive knowledge of literature.

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The concern of individual agency arises again when Montag steals the book. That perceives his crime to be automatic and observes that it affiliated no assumed on his part, the his hands committed the crime on their own. Montag’s thoughtless actions right here recall Mildred’s unconscious overdose; both actions an outcome from a covert sense of dissatisfaction that neither Mildred no one Montag consciously acknowledges.

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