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enjoyable in-​ˈjȯi-​ə-​bəl , en-​ adjective
enjoyably in-​ˈjȯi-​ə-​blē , en-​ adverb

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Relax and enjoy the view. He always enjoys a an excellent laugh. nobody enjoys gift teased. She enjoyed great success in her brand-new business. The present enjoyed a short surge that popularity. they enjoyed a huge income from your investments.
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Recent instances on the net with the other 5 under she belt, Pelzel wanted to take it in the Boston experience and enjoy it. — BostonGlobe.com, 13 Oct. 2021 but the procedure will it is in long and difficult, together single-family areas are America’s predominant kind of living and also homeowners broadly enjoy them. — New York Times, 8 Oct. 2021 So many beloved standards require women to shelve a tiny piece that their mind in order come enjoy them today. — ann Cohen, refinery29.com, 8 Oct. 2021 yet what truly obtained British troops come consume the antimalarial without lot resistance, perhaps, also to enjoy it, was converting it right into a cocktail: gin, a touch that sugar, and also a wedge the lime. — Manavi Kapur, Quartz, 7 Oct. 2021 regardless of all the travel restrictions, border closings, and stay-at-home orders, many of friend still managed to enjoy at the very least one recreation trip since March 2020—82 percent of voters, to it is in exact. — Condé Nast Traveler, 6 Oct. 2021 The move motivated them to make Rob"s Backstage Popcorn available for sale online, therefore a wider audience can enjoy it. — Sabrina Weiss, PEOPLE.com, 5 Oct. 2021 The display is filmed in Korean, however Netflix provides subtitles in 37 languages and dubs in 34 languages, enabling those who would rather not check out subtitles to enjoy it, too. — NBC News, 4 Oct. 2021 Here"s much more about why chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, worthy to it is in a staple in her diet (and tasty methods to enjoy them). — Cynthia Sass, Mph, Health.com, 4 Oct. 2021

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History and Etymology because that enjoy

center English enjoien, indigenous Anglo-French enjoir, enjoier to gladden, enjoy, from en- + joie pleasure