SLICK PONYTAIL room two words that instantly conjure up images of popular music icon, Ariana Grande.

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Yes, few have do a hairstyle so synonymous with them the anyone else who tries that is claimed to me imitating them.

For those OG pan of Ari, you’ll understand that her high pony began as a method to cover up years of damages done to her hair from dying it red for her beforehand TV work.

Hiding those broken ends and also dodgy grow-out was less complicated with it all slicked earlier into a pony yet surely by now Ariana’s hair is ago in an excellent condition and she no much longer needs the help of a hefty updo?

Source: SIPA USA/PA Images

Ariana has actually previously spoken about exactly how her signature style is fairly painful to wear and also gives her severe headaches, so why execute it?

What’s hiding underneath the she no want us to see?

Well, critical week on Twitter Ariana gave fans a glimpse in ~ her natural hair, without the extensions, the aid of a heated tool or a team of professional hairdressers, and also it was a shock.

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Posting a short video clip of herself online, Ariana proved off her bob-length curls and short fringe - a complete departure from how we all understand her.