Pennant flags carry to psychic sporting championships and ship mastheads, however this sideways, tapering triangle-shaped sign is also used because that a single purpose ~ above roadways: alerting vehicle drivers to stick come the lane they are in and also not pass cars ahead.

Pennant-shaped indications are one of about ten shapes frequently used to interact with chauffeurs on U.S. Roadways. Every of these forms combines v words, symbols, and background colors come let drivers know details such together maximum rate limits, as soon as to stop or yield, the existence of roadway hazards and also highway facilities, and route markings.

The size, shape, color, and also symbols supplied on road signs are regulated v standards released by the federal federal government in the hands-on on Uniform Traffic regulate Devices because that Streets and also Highways. This publishing is the pointer for the design of roadway border edgings, crosswalks, and bike lanes, and also roadway signs and traffic signal devices, including pennant signs. 

What Roadway Pennant sign Means

The pennant-shape is only provided as a roadway sign come signal a no-passing zone. No passing zones room stretches of roadway where motorists are not enabled to move right into the nearby lane to happen a car in front. 

The sideways-pointing triangle the a pennant sign on the road tells drivers to stay in your lane and not pass other vehicles. This certain shape is not provided for any type of other form of blog post on the road. 

Other roadway Sign Shapes and also Their Meanings


Railroad warning indications are always round, and no various other message is conveyed top top a round authorize except advancement warning that a train crossing. A cross-shaped sign is supplied for rail crossings. 

Octagons with a bright-red background room used solely as stop authorize shapes, and diamond-shaped road signs mean ‘Warning.’ Red, downward-pointing triangles space only supplied to tell chauffeurs to ‘Yield’ to other traffic at an intersection or lane merger.

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Vertically oriented rectangular indications with white and also black colors show regulatory information, together as rate limits. Pentagonal shapes alert chauffeurs to college zone signs and also mark path numbers on ar highways. 

Horizontal, eco-friendly or blue rectangles guide vehicle drivers to adjacent facilities such together gas stations, restaurants, and also points of social interest, and trapezoidal indications with dark brown backgrounds are supplied to signal recreational areas and also National Forests.

Pennant signs on streets are commonly made with a bright yellow background through bold lettering saying, ‘No pass Zone.’ The signs frequently have a narrow black color border approximately the three edges on the face of the sign. The orientation the the triangle points come the roadway where vehicle drivers should stay. The DMV an interpretation of a pennant sign may also be valuable for some vehicle drivers in training.

Roadway signs serve vital purpose in keeping the streets and also highways safe for drivers and also their passengers. When you check out a roadway sign while driving, pay attention and do as the authorize tells you. Doing therefore is safe and sensible driving.

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No doing therefore is versus the law.

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