Harry layouts is a fashion icon, and if he has one signature outfit staple, the would certainly be his heeled boots. Yet there's more to this really British an option than just looks. Follow to brother Vogue, the actual reason you'll never catch Harry in any type of other sort of shoe has to do with some overzealous fans.

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In the upcoming documentary Harry formats at the BBC, i beg your pardon drops on British television November 1, the former One Direction member explains his footwear choices. One time, while quiet a member of 1D, Harry uncovered himself in the center of a i m crying of fans in Paris, who began tugging at his clothes. While protection was very sewing able to free him native the "scrum," harry realized that the fans had actually pulled off his "trainers" AKA sneakers. Ever before since, Harry has been devoted to Gucci, Saint Laurent, and also Calvin Klein heeled boots. And also it doesn't hurt that they look perfectly posh.


This account of overeager and also inappropriately grabby pan is definitely not one isolated incident for Harry. Simply this past weekend, throughout his power at the "We deserve to Survive" chest cancer advantage concert at the Hollywood Bowl, several fans captured video of an audience member who showed up to take his crotch. The incident sparked a revival of the hashtag #RespectHarry, i beg your pardon was first created once some passionate fans allegedly proved up in ~ Harry's house wearing silk robes and also bearing flowers. The event was never ever confirmed, however the hashtag has unfortunately resurfaced following other instances the invasive fans.

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It's disheartening the anyone — yes, even a celebrity — would certainly feel the require to adjust their apparel out the fear. Perhaps he constantly intended on attract Gucci rainbow loafer heels — he's proven the Chelsea boots are his "one true love" in the past — yet the guy should be enabled to put on some lace-up sneakers if he so chooses. No issue what, though, Harry has proven time and also again that he constantly has love because that his committed fans, and the from Chelsea boots come heeled zip-ups, he always looks perfect from head to toe (literally). Just don't touch his shoes, OK?

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