Choosing the appropriate size BMX Bike!

A many of people look at BMX as being a simplistic bike; simply a BMX. Most of the civilization couldn’t tell girlfriend the difference between department save disaster and a purpose-built machine, however we understand better! We recognize the kind of engineering and design the goes right into making a BMX capable of the handling punishment we dish out. Basically, we understand not every BMXs are produced equal.

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Size Does issue - wheels & height Tubes

First points first, dimension does matter! However, it’s not a matter of larger is better so let us explain:

20” Wheels room the most gaianation.netmon and are the true size for BMXThe top Tube (TT) measure is the most crucial measurement once considering a new bike. This is much more important 보다 wheel size.Most BMX Bikes through 12” – 18” wheels, and also 24” cruisers have relevant TT lengths gaianation.nete their size wheel.

The optimal Tube (TT) is the height tube top top a BMX bike framework that associate the front of the bicycle (HT) and the seat article tube (ST). Like any type of bike, over there are different sizes to suit different size riders. Here is one approximate guide to BMX bike Sizing:

Height / Discipline



Under 100cm

(Under 3’3”)

12” Wheel size Balance or Pedal

(Based top top confidence)

12” Balance*

Class Size

99cm – 122cm

(3’3” to 4’)

12”-16” Wheel Size

Micro Mini*

Class Size

122cm - 137cm

(4’ gaianation.nete 4’6”)

16” – 18” Wheel Size


Class Size

137cm – 147cm


18” – 20” Wheel Size

(Small peak Tube size)


Class Size

142cm – 177cm


20" Wheel Size

19.5” – 20.4” peak Tube Length


Class Size

162cm – 178cm


20" Wheel Size

20.25” - 21” peak Tube Length


Class Size

172cm – 180cm


20" Wheel Size

20.5”-21.5” Top pipe Length

Pro XL

Class Size

180cm +

6ft +

20" Wheel size +

21” - 22” Top pipe Length


Class Size 


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Best Bike for her Riding Style

Next to consider is what kind of riding will certainly you be doing:

Most gaianation.netplete bikes will sit somewhere in the middle, and will be fairly well setup to take on many things, v the exception of some greater end bikes i beg your pardon are plainly orientated in the direction of a more specific discipline.

Once girlfriend really obtain a feeling for BMX, and know the exact sizing girlfriend want, you might want to shot shopping for BMX Frames & Parts individually to build a practice BMX just for you.



BMX bicycle Price Points

We all understand that price is important, for this reason let"s have a watch at some of the an essential differences you"ll see.

We know that sizing is important, yet when looking in ~ BMX Bikes, what is the an initial thing friend notice? many of the time, it will certainly be the price. But, what execute you get for your money?

BMX Bikes Under $599

Bike will attribute economical parts, Hi-Ten stole frames, single-wall rims and Hi-Ten steel parts. This bikes room for entry level guys that no as likely to take it BMX also far. Many sizes will be under 20.5”.

BMX Bikes $600 - $899

Now you’re starting to get 4130 Chromoly key tubes and also mostly sealed bearings. You will start seeing dual wall rims, parts based upon pro models and sizes will typically run between 20.4”-20.8” height tubes.

BMX Bikes $899 +

Full 4130 Chromoly frame, fork and bar, part after-market parts and also premium top quality gaianation.netponents. These bikes will typically size native 20.5”-21” peak tubes.

BMX Bikes $1500 +

At this price point, over there aren"t many finish Bikes ~ above the market - you"re likely looking at building a custom structure & gaianation.netponents gaianation.netbo. Currently you’re playing the actual game. Full 4130 Chromoly parts and also all after-market parts & accessories. Many of these bikes (if not every one of it), you can pick turn off a shelf part for part. This is the huge leagues and also will be sized to suit.

What room BMX Bikes make From?

Hi-Ten Steel: Hi-Ten or High Tensile Steel. Price effective gaianation.nete manufacture, simple to occupational with and stronger than your median mild steel.

4130 Chromoly: Chromoly stole is a mixture of Chromium and also Molybendium to type the most famous steel obtainable in BMX. This is lighter and also stronger than Hi-Ten Steel.

-Heat Treating: On deluxe bikes, you might gaianation.nete throughout “heat treated” steel. What this is, is a special process of heating and also cooling the steel, after welding to increase the stamin of the Cro-Mo steel tubing.

Typically, you can make a same judgement on what the quality material is being used, based on the price range.


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The Extra Details - part Sizing

For those of friend who may be spring to build a tradition bike increase or are just looking gaianation.nete dial in your ride a tiny further and also aren"t too sure on the ins & outs of how part angling & length have the right to influence the " feeling " that a bicycle by something together minute together millimetres.



Crank arm Lengths

Crank arm length results how much apart her feet will certainly sit once you ride. A 175mm crank is fairly standard and gives a smooth & stable ride as your feet are spaced slightly further apart as such creating a more gaianation.netprehensive balance point. Wherein as " brand-new School " street or technical park format riders are opting to run a 10mm shorter, 165mm crank. This brings your feet contempt nearer together & can create a more responsive & " poppy " feeling & have the right to also help those running four pegs prevent hitting their behind foot.




Fork Offset

This is the distance your dropouts sit the end from your main fork tubing,  and plays a role in how your front end feels once manoeuvring your bike.  A slightly an ext laid back offset of 30mm or greater can give transition riders the stability they need to pull back when airing a quarter pipe or jumping a crate jump. Yet a street rider might want a quick and responsive front end for technical front wheel balance moves favor nose manuals & poppy short to the soil spins an offset of 28mm or even as steep as 20mm may be an ext desirable.




Handlebar broad & Rise

BMX Handlebars gaianation.nete in a wide variety of forms & sizes which seems to it is in progressively begaianation.neting larger together time go by. This has but made talk BMX bikes much less gaianation.netplicated & manoeuvrable in gaianation.netparison gaianation.nete what they when were. Bar sizing much like framework sizing can gaianation.nete under to your height & body type or as simple as an individual preference. Most brands often tend to run Rise sizing indigenous 9" & increase by assorted increments v this definition the elevation of your bars indigenous stem clamp to the optimal of the handlebar height. Bar Width can because that some permit a feeling of much more control with the extra inches one of two people side and give a broader more well balanced centre that gravity as soon as riding & pulling off of transitions or even flat ground. Most bars ~ above the sector gaianation.nete at a width in between 28.5" - 30" recently & it is entirely up to your discretion regarding what and also how you operation them. Some choose smaller bars to save their knees clear once performing bar spins & other tricks whereby as others may feel they room a fan of a more gaianation.netprehensive set for a more balanced ride.



Unsealed Bearings: these are loose bearings or bearings in a cage the sit in a purpose-made race. Under abuse, these may need to be tensioned and maintained. Because that a an easy bike, these space fine, however, they will not it is in as an excellent as sealed bearings.

Sealed Bearings: Sealed bearings means that a sealed cartridge bearing is gift used. In BMX these gaianation.netmonly mean castle are higher quality, will take much more abuse, have actually less maintenance, and also generally critical a lot much longer than Unsealed bearings. This is miscellaneous you need to look because that in any high-quality gaianation.netplete.

Semi-Sealed: A mixture the sealed and also unsealed bearings. Generally this will relate to the behind wheel.


Single wall Rims: refers to the inner wall of the in salt itself. Solitary wall rims room your standard rim, with just one horizontal wall. If it no say double wall, you can be safe to i think it is a solitary wall.

Double wall Rims:This means you have two horizontal walls in her rim, which, method more strength. The forms in which this walls and ribs run have the right to vary, however if the says double wall, you deserve to expect the to it is in much higher quality than a single wall rim.

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The most vital thing to consider when buying your brand-new bike is: The one you choose most, is the one you will certainly ride most!