John Cena made his mark in the human being of experienced wrestling and has since become among the best names in the business. The 16-time people champion is one of the most beloved (and wealthiest) stars ~ above the people Wrestling to chat aka WWE roster and there’s no finish in vision to his success. He’s won championship ~ championship and also notably beat Shawn Michaels for the belt in ~ Wrestlemania 23 in Detroit Michigan. Because getting his start with the WWE in 2002, Cena has also ventured into mainstream exhilaration with practically twenty-five films to his credit. John Cena is larger than life and he doesn’t do anything in moderation. As soon as it involves John Cena house and also cars, only the biggest and also best space worth his while. Dying to know more? we have everything you must know around John Cena, his palatial estates and also his epos auto collection.

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Where Does john Cena Live?

John Cena prospered up in West Newbury Massachusetts, but he at this time resides in between Tampa, Florida and San Diego, California. Below are all the man Cena house details you could ever want!

John Cena residence West Newbury

Before ending up being a family members name, man Cena came from an ext humble beginnings while farming up in West Newbury Massachusetts. Situated on Coffin Street, his childhood residence boasts 5 bedrooms and 3.5 baths. Cultivation up together one of five boys, his family must have appreciated every square inch of living space.

Cena and also his brothers had ample room to run about outside and also play, as the colonial-style home features 3,915 square feet nestled top top a 100,624 square foot lot. Built in 1979, his West Newbury house has actually a total of 14 rooms with hardwood flooring throughout. This pivotal item of Cena’s upbringing has actually a existing estimated worth of $769,180. Not as well shabby gift the first house that man Cena ever lived in, however his genuine estate properties only acquired bigger and far better with time.

HotpadsJohn Cena residence Tampa

Like numerous of his professional wrestling counterparts, john Cena determined to fill his bags and also move come Florida when he ended up being an established figure in the WWE. His main residence is in soil O’Lakes Florida just exterior of Tampa…and it’s important fit because that a king. According to records, he paid $525,000 because that the 3,704 square foot house in January 2005.

The house has actually undergone number of renovations and also it is in pristine condition. If you recognize anything around John Cena, at least understand that he is a stickler about keeping his home looking perfect. Cena’s picturesque villa to be prominently featured on the E! reality collection Total Bellas when he to be dating other wrestler Nikki Bella. The two lived with each other in Cena’s giant home throughout the food of their relationship.

John Cena house Tampa attributes an immaculate cool entrywaywith a crystal chandelier, marble floors and a sprawling staircase that leadsupstairs to John’s exclusive living quarters. Cena made sure to develop his own“gentlemen’s room” for him and his bros to relax and also enjoy an sometimes cigar.Women room strictly prohibited indigenous entering Cena’s version of a man cave andeven his former live-in fiancé was not permitted in there. Also though NikkiBella was banned indigenous one room in the estate, Cena make it as much as her by givingher a huge walk-in closet to display every one of her deluxe fashions. Thecloset to be bigger than many people’s apartments and it’s clean to check out why Nikkidubbed that her favorite spot in the whole house.

John Cena’s home additionally came with some nice spectacular amenities the make it unlike any kind of other home in the area. For starters, he has his own personal elevator that goes to and from his grasp suite. His enclosed swimming pool features an impressive display of fabulous fountains and also a grotto with a water slide. Cena also has a colossal adjoining guest residence on the property, wherein Nikki Bella’s family members members often stayed when they were in city visiting. He additionally has a large garage to house his farming collection that muscle cars.

Here space a couple videos that expose the inside of his house in Tampa:

John Cena san Diego House

In enhancement to his various other homes, john Cena decided on being bi-coastal when he purchased an additional amazing heritage in mountain Diego. If you’re looking for John Cena house address San Diego, you can have part trouble. Cena has actually made privacy a top priority and there no a totality lot of info available about his san Diego property other than what to be featured on a few episodes the Total Bellas. But what we do understand it’s located in Mission Hills California and also this residence is yes, really something special.

Though it might be on the West Coast, Cena was drawn to this colonial-style residence for that is undeniable brand-new England aesthetic. The backyard functions a quaint fireplace housed inside a gazebo alongside a cozy outdoor seating area. Of course, there’s additionally an incredible vanishing leaf infinity pool v a hot tub nearby. John Cena home San Diego additionally has a full outdoor kitchen area complete with a grill because that entertaining guests.

Here’s a sneak peek of his san Diego home in san Diego:

John Cena network Worth

John Cena is one of the hardest working guys in the entertainment business and also his net worth mirrors his diligent work ethic. You’re most likely wondering ‘how much is man Cena worth’ and also we’ve gained the answer. With an estimated net worth of $55 million, he is worth more money than Triple H, who went indigenous wrestling to becoming the executive Vice chairman of the WWE. According to Forbes, john Cena is the second-highest-paid wrestler in the human being of pro wrestling, just coming in second to veteran talent Brock Lesnar.

John Cena additionally has other streams of revenue besides his occupational in the expert wrestling realm. He ventured right into acting v the 2006 movie The Marine and has since appeared in several films including Bumblebee, 12 Rounds, Train Wreck, Daddy’s Home, and Blockers. He was the lead vocal talent in the animated movie Ferdinand. He’s also starred in Playing through Fire and the Fast & Furious franchise

Curious around his ex-fiancée’s network worth too? we all are. Back when man Cena was date Bella twins star Nikki Bella, he to be the breadwinner through a longshot. Nikki Bella network worth is around $6 million dollars i beg your pardon is exceptional in itself however still pales in comparison to Cena’s yearly earnings.

John Cena Cars

Aside native wrestling, john Cena’s other passion is collecting rare and custom-made cars. He proudly owns end 20 cars and also his collection continues to expand. The auto enthusiast has actually every luxury car you can imagine – from a vintage Oldsmobile Cutlass Rallye 350 come a 2006 rolls Royce Phantom. Cena was even one the the lucky recipients the a rarely 2017 Ford Mustang GT. With just a handful ever produced, Ford won’t even authorize the acquisition of this auto unless the owner has a proven great reason to own it. The 6-foot, 250-pound wrestler didn’t specifically fit in the car and also he finished up selling it because that a much greater profit, landing the in a legal fight with Ford.

Mecum Auctions

If you want to be blown away, john Cena Lamborghini is something come fawn over. His 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 originally expense $198,000 but we can’t also say it’s not worth it. Cena’s auto is truly one of a kind with it’s unique ‘Verde Scandal’ environment-friendly paint task with corresponding interior.

John Cena Ferrari is another stand-out from his automobile collection. Cena credits his Rosso Corsa Ferrari 360 Spider as being his teenage “dream car” yet he likewise owns that is predecessor, the F430 Spider. His liquid apple red sports auto may have a hefty $100,000 price tag, yet who’s counting?

John Cena is so into cars the he even made his very first auto purchase before he even knew exactly how to drive! Cena supposedly to buy a 1984 Cadillac Coupe Deville once he was simply fourteen. Although he didn’t have actually a license yet, Cena started his vehicle collection at a young age and also his Coupe Deville was surely something to be proud of. It’s due to the fact that been sold yet Cena credits his first Cadillac for generating a love of muscle cars.

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This write-up has a pretty in-depth list the his collection!

How Many youngsters Does man Cena Have?

John Cena has actually never to be one to shy away from committed relationships. That was when married come Elizabeth Huberdeau in 2009, before divorcing through 2012, and also he was also previously involved to longtime girl friend Nikki Bella. However one point Cena refuses to commit to is fatherhood. Cena has been really vocal about his view to not have actually children and insists that his rigorous work schedule and also desire to seek his career would certainly inhibit the from being a an excellent parent. Cena has been therefore adamant about not having kids that he obtained a vasectomy to prevent it from happening. John Cena and also Nikki Bella ultimately ended their relationship because of her need to have actually a family. Parenthood isn’t because that everybody and also John Cena has constantly been forthcoming that it’s simply not because that him.