Howard lengthy Jr is an American businessman and also football operative because that the Oakland Raiders.

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However, he is better known because that being the youngest son of NFL protective end player, actor, and ESPN analyst Howie Long.

Howard play football in school and also college and also was exceptional; nevertheless, he determined not to pursue his father and brothers’ precise career path. Both of his elder siblings play in the national Football organization with prestigious expert teams.

Young Howard long Junior

Junior’s larger brother chris played in the NFL v teams favor St. Luigi Rams, New England Patriots, and Philadelphia Eagles. Moreover, he is a two-time Super Bowl Champion.

Once through the Patriots in the 2016 season and another time v The Eagles in the 2017 season.

Howard’s second older sibling and the middle child, Kyle, is additionally a previous guard because that the Chicago Bears who retired in 2020.

Unlike his older brothers Chris, the is a three-time Super Bowl Champion v the bear for 3 consecutive years from 2013 come 2015. Kyle was additionally in the 100 greatest bears of All-Time.

Before acquiring into details around the former footballer and famous son, below are some fast facts around his life.

Quick Facts

Full NameHoward Long, Jr.
Birth Date1990
Birth PlaceSanta Monica, California
Nick NameHowie Jr.
ReligionRoman Catholic
EducationUniversity the Virginia
HoroscopeNot Available
Father’s NameHoward Matthew Moses Long
Mother’s NameDiane Addonizio
SiblingsTwo; Chris and Kyle Long
Age31 years Old
Height6 Feet
Weight185 lbs
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
ProfessionOperative, Businessman, Scouting Assistant
Current TeamNone
Active YearsNot Active
Marital StatusUnmarried
Net WorthNot Specified
Last UpdateNovember, 2021

Howard long Jr | early on Life, Family, and Education

Howard lengthy Jr to be born in 1990 to defensive end NFL player Howie long and attorney and also businesswoman Diane Addonizio. that is the youngest of 3 sons the the former NFL player. Howie to be still a component of the Oakland Raiders as soon as his youngest to be born.

Junior’s mommy is one attorney and used to occupational as a lawyer before marrying Howie. She additionally had a career as a businesswoman briefly. However, she decided to focus more on raising her kids and being there for she husband, and became a full time mother.

The long Family

All three Long youngsters grew up to love and also respect the game of football and also played because that St. Anne’s-Belfield School. Their father’s tough work and fantastic career v the Raiders served as an inspiration for the 3 boys attractive to the sport.

Moreover, they were energetic in almost all sports. They play basketball, baseball, and lacrosse as well as football. Since the apple doesn’t fall far native the tree, all three boys are affiliated in the professional football field.

After school, Howard complied with in his older brothers Chris’s footsteps and also joined the University that Virginia. However, different from his father and also brothers, he decided to pat lacrosse and accepted a scholarship from Virginia. However, he still played football in college.

Brief Glance on Parent’s (Howie and also Diane) Story

Apparently, Howard lengthy Jr’s parents very first met during their tenure in ~ Villanova UniversityinPennsylvania. Not to mention, their love story is choose a standard romantic movie that has them together for decades.

Infact, they started dating right throughout their university days. After ~ college, Howard turned professional into his career, and thus, in ~ one year, he take it a action forward. Therewith, lock took vows in June the 1982.

Apparently, your wedding was little with the attendance that their family members members, relatives, and also close friends. Herewith, they have been going solid to date.

Howard long Jr | Age, Height, and also Weight

The Raiders’ operative to be born in 1990 and is 26 year Old as of 2021. Howie Jr weighs 185lbs, which is around around 84 kg and is 6 feet high.

Howard long Jr | Career and Profession

School and also College football Career

Howard to visit St. Anne’s-Belfield School. The was very active in sports, thanks to his father’s genes. The scouting assistant played baseball and also lacrosse along with football in school.

As he was more interested in lacrosse, he pursued it in college. The went on to to visit the university of Virginia top top a lacrosse scholarship.

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He, in addition to his 2 older brothers, graduated from the exact same school. Chris served as a protective end because that the team and later on went on to play in the NFL.

Kyle likewise played soccer in school, amongst other sports. The Chicago Sox even drafted himto beat in the Major Baseball League. But, he decided to to visit college and afterwards played v the Bears in NFL.

Howard Jr. Playing Lacrosse In university Of Virginia

Howard was almost an all-rounder, just like his father. Howie Long likewise played basketball and ran tracks in the school other than football. Furthermore, he also boxed in college and was the Northern Collegiate Heavyweight Boxing Champion.

Operative Career through The Oakland Raiders

Despite being good at football, he decided not to perform the obvious, supposed thing and also instead made decision to offer as one operative and was keener about the business element of the sport.

Howard became a scouting assistant for his father’s previous team Oakland Raiders and also is likewise the personnel assistant because that the Raiders.

He is likewise a premium sales consultant because that a stadion in las Vegas, Nevada, dubbed Legends ras Vegas Stadium. His dad, Howie, after ~ his NFL career, offered as an analyst because that FOX Sports.

He master besides previous football legends prefer Terry Bradshaw, Michael Strahan, and Jimmy Johnson. Moreover, he winner an Emmy under the group Outstanding sports Personality for his outstanding analyst skills.

Howard long Jr | Marriage and Relationship

Howard Jr is a relatively private person and also does not have his life in the limelight prefer the remainder of his family. There is very tiny information about his personal life.

Nevertheless, there to be false rumors of him dating part fans, but he has actually not addressed any of them. As he maintains such a low profile, there is no definite conclusion around whether or not he has a significant someone in his life.

However, his earliest sibling chris is married to Megan O’Malley. The pair met in college and have been together since. Megan is a former member the Virginia’s Lacrosse team.

The duo has actually two adorable sons, specific Waylon James Long, 4 years old, and also Luke Redding Long, that is nearly two year old.

Howard long Jr | network Worth and also Salary

Since Howard Jr leader a an extremely private life, there is not lot information about his salary and also net worth. However, a scouting assistant’s typical salary because that an NFL team ranges between $45,000 come $95,000.

The Scouting Assistant through His brother Chris and Kyle

Moreover, great experience aides might also earn somewhere roughly $275,000 there is no bonuses.

Being the son of a soccer star and also a former footballer himself, we deserve to only assume he is good at his job. On top of that, both his brothers, consisting of his father, room millionaires and have an impressive net worth.

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As that 2021, kris Long has actually a network worth of $40 million and has actually his podcast. Furthermore, he operation a charity to administer safe water for all.

In comparison, his younger brothers Kyle has a net worth of $25 millionand partially owns esports team Mode Motorsports in theeNASCAR Coca-Cola iRacing Series.

Besides that, the is additionally a studio analyst for That various other Pregame Showon CBS sports Network. Also, Howie Long has a network worth that $16 million and also earns about $4 million annually, being a sporting activities analyst for FOX Sports.

Howard long Jr | society Media Presence

Just choose his father, Howie Jr is not active on social media. The previous athlete respects and also values his privacy a lot, therefore he has actually no Instagram or Twitter account.

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The 30-year-old likes to maintain a low profile and is no fond of fans or media attention. Hence, he leader a an easy and relaxed life away from the public eye.

On the other hand, his brothers are famous to the society media world. Chris has virtually 415 thousand followers and over a thousand short articles on Instagram (