BATON ROUGE – LSU’s season-opener versus UCLA at the increased Bowl will be televised ~ above FOX and will kickoff in ~ 7:30 p.m. CT, the Southeastern Conference announced top top Thursday. 


BATON ROUGE – LSU’s season-opener against UCLA at the climbed Bowl will be televised on FOX and also will kickoff at 7:30 p.m. CT, the Southeastern Conference announced ~ above Thursday. 

The UCLA dispute will it is in the an initial matchup ~ above the gridiron between the programs, and also it will additionally mark the first contest because that the many tigers in the historic Rose key in Pasadena, Calif.

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In mainly 2, LSU hosts McNeese because that its home opener at 7 p.m. CT on the ESPN+/SEC Network+. The Cowboys room coached by former LSU assistant candid Wilson and feature Cody Orgeron, the child of LSU head coach Ed Orgeron, together their beginning quarterback. The McNeese video game will it is in the 3rd meeting between the programs.

In mainly 3, the Tigers will host central Michigan in ~ 6:30 p.m. CT on the SEC Network. It will certainly be the first meeting between the Tigers and also Chippewas in football. Main Michigan is coached by previous Florida head coach Jim McElwain. 

To learn more about LSU football season ticket opportunities, contact the LSU Athletics Ticket Office at (225) 578-0100.

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The SEC announced kickoff times and television assignments because that the an initial three mainly of the season. Television plans and kickoff times because that the remaining weeks will be announced together the season progresses. 

The SEC Championship video game will it is in televised ~ above CBS in ~ 3 p.m. CT ~ above Dec. 4 in Atlanta. 

More about SEC soccer on ESPN+A number of non-conference games, but no much more than one every year per school, will appear on ESPN+ as part of the SEC’s recently announced media rights commitment with The Walt Disney Company. The residence institution has actually the benefit of determining the begin time in a non-exclusive broadcast home window for every games brought on a digital platform. This year, those contests will also air ~ above the SEC Network+ digital platform. Both streams are obtainable in the ESPN app via associated devices. Nine together contests will certainly air the opening 3 weeks the the 2021 season, with additional games to be included throughout the season via the common in-season an option process.

2021 LSU football Schedule

Date enemy Kickoff* TVSept. 4 at UCLA, 7:30 p.m., FOXSept. 11 McNeese, 7 p.m., ESPN+/SECN+Sept. 18 main Michigan, 6:30 p.m., SEC NetworkSept. 25 in ~ Mississippi StateOct. 2 AuburnOct. 9 in ~ KentuckyOct. 16 FloridaOct. 23 in ~ Ole MissOct. 30 Open Nov. 6 at AlabamaNov. 13 ArkansasNov. 20 Louisiana-MonroeNov. 27 Texas A&M