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Well we had a little scare once my dog ate bread dough. It to be sourdough bread dough. Because that years i made homemade sourdough bread on a weekly basis. Here are the details of exactly what happened leading increase to as soon as my dog ate bread dough, just how it happened and how my dog recovered.

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The incident associated Lulu, our Lhasa Apso mix rescue dog. She was around three years old once it happened. Today she is around to turn twelve and also doing well, and thankfully us haven’t had any type of other bread dough incidents due to the fact that then. Lulu is the very first dog i have ever before had and also the incident was alarming, to say the least.


Dog Ate Bread Dough

How it Happened

Sourdough bread recipes (like the one i was following) often speak to for the life bread dough come sit in a bread key on peak of the refrigerator to rise. Ns don’t understand why the recipes include this step, because the optimal of mine refrigerator is not an extremely warm.

During my time baking, I found that place a bread bowl by a warmth duct and also covering the bowl through a kitchen towel worked marvels for do dough rise in the winter. That’s what ns was doing until my dog ate bread dough. Once the bread dough incident happened we were at the allude where Lulu had obtained a great deal the trust roughly the house.

Our living room remains dog-proofed but she is able to roam, rest where she wants and also overall simply hang out – and also usually she walk a an excellent job that not obtaining into trouble. Until the day ns was baking sourdough bread and she found my bread bowl.


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When i Realized my Dog Ate Bread Dough

Yes, it’s completely my fault. I need to not have had actually the sourdough bread key at she level, nor assumed she wouldn’t obtain into it. She rang her PoochieBells (a highly-recommended dog house training tool!) to go exterior late the afternoon to use the bathroom, and also I i found it the towels top top the bread bowl were disheveled.

I immediately thought she gained into the raw bread dough, however I was having a complicated time finding evidence. That looked virtually like the towel just dropped in the bowl, messing up the height of the dough. I ignored the bread bowl initially.


My Dog started to Gag

About 30 minutes later Lulu started gagging after my dog ate yeast. Then us knew. Regrettably she threw up appropriate on the middle of our life room rug. Yuck. Then she vomited a 2nd time ~ above a towel we had rushed to throw in prior of her.

After throwing up a 2nd time, she seemed better. I also took her the end for a walk that day and she seemed to be in an excellent spirits.


Bread Dough is Dangerous to Dogs

I was worried though due to the fact that I had read before about the dangers of dog eating dough made from live yeast. Usually the life dough can rise inside their warm bellies, resulting in bloating.

Further, the bread dough can block your digestive track and worse. It’s a really serious condition and could lead to fatality of the dog if untreated. If her dog ate yeast that is a problem.

Dog Ate Yeast


Stomach Bloating

We maintained an eye top top Lulu the rest of the Sunday. She to be walking fine yet just didn’t have actually the typical pep in her action she commonly has. Later on we noticed her abdomen to be a tiny bloated.

Then in ~ 4 a.m. The following morning she woke united state up again. She to be making gagging noises. This time it was a false alarm. She did not vomit again.

Dog Bread Dough

Increased Urination

We noticed Lulu was additionally urinating a lot throughout the 24-hours after ~ the bread dough intake took place. I have to assume this to be a side-effect of eat the bread dough, although I have actually no clinical information about this.

By the next evening, which was simply over 24-hours since she ate the bread dough our dog appeared 100 percent normal again. She ate her Zignature dog food for dinner and to be running roughly like usual.

I’m so thankful ours dog is yes sir after eat bread dough and also that us didn’t should take she to the veterinarian or to an urgent treatment clinic. While we were ready to take her to the vet, if needed, I’m glad us didn’t have actually to.


My Dog is yes After eating Bread Dough

I wanted to write this write-up as a serious warning to various other dog owners. And additionally as a reminder come myself to not sit the sourdough bread key at dog level again, and to store a much better eye on our rescue dog – even though she has got “some” of our trust.

If you roasted sourdough bread, make homemade pizza dough, roasted biscuits or any other baked goods that save live yeast – please be very careful around where you location the bowl and also monitor the access your dog needs to the area.

While Lulu has been trained not to jump on countertops, ns know many dogs who execute have accessibility to kitchen countertops and tables, or dogs that space tall enough to conveniently take food turn off a countertop.

Dog Ate raw Dough


In Summary

If you would certainly like more information about what happens if her dog eats raw bread dough, I found this post to it is in helpful: Dangerous foods items That Dogs must Never Eat. Ns hope her pet never ever eats bread dough, but if lock do, ns hope that they will be OK.

This summary of what mine dog proficient could help you if her pet dog walk eat dough.

We to be able to determine what our dog ate quickly, take activity in security her and the dough passed with her device without any type of known health issues. We are thankful she is OK and also hope this never happens again.

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Have you ever had a health and wellness scare through your pet?

*This post was originally published in 2014 and also has to be updated and also republished because that accuracy and also comprehensiveness.