Cats are adorable and loving creatures. But similar to other pets, they might exhibit strange actions that will leave their owner flabbergasted.

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Some that the strange actions that cats can display include marking their region with urine and also urinating in undesignated locations away from your litter tray.


But walk you know cats likewise drink their own urine?

In this post, we’re walk to find out why her furry friend is drink its pee and also what you must do in situation you notification it.


Cats deserve to drink their own urine if they are excessively dehydrated.

That’s why, together a pet owner, that is crucial to ensure that the cat’s water bowl has actually water at all times.

This is very important throughout the summer period.

If her furry friend is dehydrating a lot and also doesn’t find any type of water to drink, it might be forced to drink its own pee.

What demands To be Done?

So, the equipment is to ensure that you provide your cat with clean and also fresh water daily.

But if her cat is extremely thirsty, friend may need to visit a veterinarian together it may have an basic problem.

Improper house Breeding

Another factor why your cat may drink its to pee is because of poor upbringing.

Most cats that are increased in a penned area may construct strange behaviors such as drinking your urine, especially if the floor doesn’t absorb the immediately.

Some people believe that felines drink your urine because of boredom.

If not appropriately dehydrated, your cat might suffer indigenous diseases such as feline reduced urinary tract disease, bladder inflammation, ruptured bladder, tumors, and kidney disease.

However, urine is not harmful to your feline friend, and you must not tense once you find out that your cat is drinking.

What needs To be Done?

If did you do it just got a cat and also realize the it drinks its pee, this is something the you deserve to work on to prevent it.

First the all, it is crucial to learn your feline’s behavior, manners, and also moods.

This will aid you to understand what it does and also why.

With time, you have the right to train it come pee in the litter box wherein it cannot drink its urine easily.

This might take time, however you will have to practice a many patience.

Health Problems

It is common for her cat to feeling thirsty, an ext so during the summer period.

But if you’re furry girlfriend is excessively thirsty to the extent of drinking its pee if over there is no water in ~ range, climate it might be having an underlying problem.

Some that the things that may reason a cat to be excessively thirsty space stress, anxiety, or a hidden metabolic disease.

What requirements To it is in Done?

In this case, you need to visit your veterinarian and find out the problem. Over there is a chance your cat may have actually kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, or diabetes mellitus.

Interesting Smell

Cats are really curious animals, and also that’s why they tend to taste most of the foods items their pet owners eat.

So, if friend come throughout your cat drink its pee, this do not do it come as a surprise.

The cat may be attracted to the smell the its urine.

This is sufficient reason for your feline girlfriend to lick or drink its urine.

What needs To be Done?

The good news is that you can stop the behavior by supplying your cat with fresh and clean water always. So, as soon as the cat gets thirsty, it will not need to struggle to unquenched her thirst.


Even though it is not healthy for a cat to drink its own urine, the is not life-threatening together well.

So, you need to not panic once you uncover your feline girlfriend drinking urine.

However, you have to ask yourself – why?

As we’ve stated above, a cat can drink its urine due to the fact that of dehydration, improper residence breeding, exciting smell, and health problems.

As a result, the is crucial to uncover why your cat is drink its own pee in time, as it may be something significant if no behavioral.

After highlighting the reasons and what need to be done in what situation, you should have the ability to take care of her furry girlfriend so the they don’t need to drink your urine again.


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