by Kavita Hatten – MS, LPC, NCC, Kate Houston – Love Coach, Amy Sherman – M.A., LMHC, Sally LeBoy – MFT, Tiffany Sankofa – MS, LCPC, Karen R. Koenig – LCSW, M.Ed.

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“Ladies, the right man for you will go after you. Actively. The won’t leave you wondering whether he’s into you or not.”

~ Mandy Hale




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We have all been there. Wait for the phone call call. Hoping he will speak to to to speak he’s been thinking of you, or to follow up on a conversation or ask friend out. 

But the phone call doesn’t ring, or least it doesn’t ring when you intend it to. 

So friend wait and wait, putting other things on organize (time through friends, work, self-care etc.) in wishes you’ll connect and have a day for the weekend. Friend become an ext and more anxious and make up things in your head around the situation. 

The trouble with this is you are waiting, expecting, hoping and also assuming. 

Most of the time hoping is a good thing. As soon as it has to do through your life, your work and also your dreams. Also having hope the you will discover the “right” partner and the “perfect” complement is a good thing. 

Hope keeps us feeling alive and also helps us to save going when we are down, and also when nothing appears possible. Hope drives united state to brand-new heights. 

But, hoping that others will be a certain method or will readjust is a disaster waiting to happen. 

Let me describe what ns mean. 

People room who lock are. They are going about their lives, similar to you are, law the ideal they can. Best or dorn a person is showing themselves in ~ the capacity and level the emotional 

maturity the is comfortable for them. Friend alone can’t make someone push themselves external their lull zone. 

A readjust in habits requires a willingness to go external one’s comfort zone. 

So what i am going come ask friend to perform is go external YOUR comfort zone. Go outside your lull zone once he doesn’t contact when he claims he will. 

Here are details ways to execute so and feel empowered in the process. 

1. Tolerate discomfort 

Recognize that once you feel uncomfortable you are growing. When you feel uncomfortable you space stretching yourself simply a small bit more. Once you feel uncomfortable you are allowing yourself come gain much more than you will lose. 

I’m speak of the kind of discomfort when the little voice in your head (your rational mind) says, “I must do this and also not do what I’d generally do.” The kind of discomfort the says, “I’ll be much better off if ns don’t execute what ns feel prefer doing and do something else instead.” 

The “Do Something rather Instead” is: 

Tolerate discomfort. Take a pause and also breathe. Breathe as plenty of times as you need to. Count backwards native twenty. Speak to a friend. Walk far from the phone. Put your call in another room or turn it top top silent. Allow yourself to feeling something various other than the feeling of dread. Allow yourself to move towards peace instead. 

2. Letting walk of expectations 

Whenever we have actually expectations we set ourselves up because that disappointment. Expectations, especially when they room unrealistic, keep us hooked come our emotions and also tied to events outside us. 

Happiness is then something that comes from the outside not inside us. 

The next time the doesn’t speak to think around whether you were expecting the – expecting a call, expecting a date, expecting a everything for that matter. Instead, check out it because that what it is and also accept it at challenge value. 

Say come yourself, “The call didn’t ring, but I’m OK.” (Of food you space OK. Friend are much more than OK.) 

3. Avoid assumptions 

In Cognitive-Behavioral therapy (CBT), “cognitive distortions are basic ways the our psychic convinces us of something that isn’t true. This inaccurate thoughts are usually provided to reinforce an adverse thinking or emotions – telling ourselves things that sound rational and also accurate, but really just serve to keep us feeling bad around ourselves.” (John M. Grohol, Psy.D.) 

One cognitive distortion is “jumping come conclusions.” 

When girlfriend think something has actually happened without evidence that the has. An example of this is that if he hasn’t dubbed that he must be disinterested or out through someone else. 

Next time friend are faced with this situation, pay attention to even if it is you space jumping to conclusions or making an assumption about how the other human being feels about you and also whether he desires to invest time with you or not. 

4. Placing your life ~ above hold 

When we room waiting because that something to happen, whether it’s a commitment, a relationship, a project offer or happiness, we are basically putting our life on hold. We space waiting for something or who to it is in the an essential to our very own happiness. 

Stop doing this. Avoid waiting and also start living. It’s your life and it’s in her hands. 

5. Exercise self-acceptance 

Our require for approval often stems native childhood wounds or unmet childhood needs. 

A phone call call, text, a get-together have the right to temporarily validate this need for approval. 

You might be unconsciously saying things to you yourself like, “I am worthy because he called.” “I to be worthy since he’s showing interest.” 

Instead, begin to repeat this the end loud. “I to be Worthy.” “I am Worthy.” “I to be Worthy.” 

Next time the phone doesn’t ring, remind yourself that hoping, expecting and assuming just keeps friend in a an unfavorable cycle and also reinforces your unhealthy thoughts and emotions. Instead, action back, expropriate what is and go outside your lull zone. 

Make a an option to it is in happy. Don’t waist your time. Gain those precious moments the you will not obtain back.