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TFG’s backpacking guru Tammy Lowe helps you fill for winter travel with her step by step onion strategy. Check out on to find out what to wear in cold weather, clothing and gear and also how to use it!

What to Wear in Cold Weather

Written by: Tammy Lowe

I am what Germans speak to a “Frostbeule” (frost bite), which means I am among those civilization that feels the cold really easily. If the temperature is anything below 25 degrees Celsius ns basically require a cardigan.

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If that is anything below 20 levels I need a fleece and anything listed below 10 I require a down jacket.

Start by analysis these basic tips on packing because that winter travel:


Down Jacket | thermal Top| Vest | Jacket | heat Bottoms | trousers | cap | Balaclava | Gloves | Tights | Socks | Boots

What to Wear in Cold Weather

My hands, feet, nose and stomach gain cold first and when I to be cold it takes a many of initiative to gain warm again (think hot water bottles, wooly blankets and cups that tea).

So in stimulate to avoid freezing in the an initial place, carefully planning what to wear in cold weather is absolutely vital in mine travels.

It’s important to keep in mind that bulky structure won’t necessarily do you feel warmer! You have to pick the right cold weather fabrics and also layer your items strategically as described below (and likewise check the end the preparation video below too!).

Watch this video clip to discover what come pack and prepare because that winter travel!


Thermal Top| heat Bottoms | under Sweater

The Onion Look

Sometimes ns wear a wooly jumper and also still feel cold. Why? due to the fact that although wool is warm, if that’s the only layer of garments you wear your body won’t have the ability to retain the warm underneath together well.

When I include a tank optimal underneath the feels much less cold, and when I add a cloak on optimal of it, it feels even less cold. This is referred to as the onion look.


Thermal Top | Thermal bottoms | Vest

Basically the an ext layers you wear the much more warmth deserve to your body retain. The end outfitters like to describe these layers together base-layer, mid-layer and also outer-layer, and ideally that’s what you should be aiming because that to stay nice and also toasty.

In regards to what types of structure to choose, the video clip below can assist you choose smart fabrics or brands that occupational well in winter so you can layer properly!

Watch this video to find out the right fabrics come layer for winter!

As a base-layer i cannot recommend garments from Icebreaker enough. If you’re wonder what to wear in cold weather, this is the an initial place you should look. They’re amazing!

They are made the end of merino wool, i beg your pardon is structure from a sheep. Also though the tops and also leggings they carry out look favor cotton clothes, they are extremely warm. And the finest thing is the the material is anti-bacterial, which means it won’t smell.


Thermal height | Vest

If you walk somewhere really cold then you might need come wear two base layers, i.e. A vest top and a long sleeve peak underneath a fleece or wooly jumper. Shot it out. You will certainly be amazed just how much warmer simply a pair of base-layers will certainly make girlfriend feel.


Minx Mid II Omni-Heat Winter Boot

Cold Weather Clothing

If you space planning ~ above going to a really cold climate with snow, the onion look at alone can not cut it. The will certainly help, but you should also invest in some proper outdoor apparel that are an ideal for cold weather.

If over there is walking to be snow, then eye boots that room waterproof and have some sort of warmth lining are a have to to keep those feet from ending up being ice blocks. Come get much more ideas ~ above the appropriate winter footwear to brave the conditions, examine out the video below.

This video can help you select reliable, warm winter shoes!


Ankle High Tights | SmartWool Socks

You might even have to wear two pairs of socks, one pair of lining socks and then part wooly socks top top top.

Pair a long coat with versatile, heat winter eye boots!


Mountain do Outdoor Gloves

Hands likewise get cold really easily, i beg your pardon is why gloves space vital. Sometimes it is sufficient to wear part bog standard wooly or fleece gloves, however when you walk to a yes, really icy climate then part windproof ski gloves will be much far better to store you warm.

Depending top top the temperature friend may also want to wear some lined gloves underneath for dual protection.

These space the six fashionable winter equipment for women!


Resolve jacket | Down Sweater

Proper under jackets (not the cheap synthetic one; you need actual feather in the jacket) space the just jackets the actually save me warm when it is really cold outside.

I have actually tried wooly coats and also fleece lined ski jackets, yet none of them are as effective as down jackets in my opinion.

If friend can acquire one v a large hood that’s even better, as you deserve to wear the on peak of a wooly cap to save your head warm, which brings me to my next point.

Find out the many stylish and practical down jacket for her cold weather travels!


Watch Hat | Balaclava

Keep her Head Warm

The majority of your body warmth gets lost via your head. As soon as planning what to wear in cold weather pack a warmth hat in order come retain your body.

I like hats that additionally cover mine ears, since they constantly get freezing cold too. As soon as I go trekking in the Himalayas I also slept in mine wooly hat, together it was so bitterly cold at night.

When ns got over 5,000 meter I also had to wear a Balaclava to cover mine face, as the wind to be so icy that it was in reality painful.

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Compass rose Packing Cubes


How to load Cold Weather Clothing


Packing cubes can help organize every the class you have in mind because that winter travels. Us designed our own brand of slim packing cubes, with a unique color and numbering system, for this reason it’s easy to remember whereby you’ve pack everything. Watch the video clip below because that more. 

Learn ours hacks v packing cubes in the video!

We additionally put with each other a five-part YouTube series showing the various methods to usage packing cubes because that travel. If you use this certain packing strategy, packing cubes can likewise compress her belongings. This is the secret to traveling carry-on only!




What space your suggestions for what come wear in cold weather? re-publishing in the comments!

For more ideas ~ above what come wear in cold weather, you re welcome read:

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