Seventh grade. How on earth did the happen? ns promise the was simply two years ago when ns walked her under the room to her Kindergarten classroom and also now she’s a saturday grader. And it’s therefore weird because seventh grade is a year ns distinctly remember.

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I began seventh grade in a brand brand-new school in a brand new city. Ns remember walking right into school that an initial day emotion something in the kingdom of overwhelming nausea and also cautious excitement. I recognize that i wore a pale pink Izod with Jordache pleated jeans, a ribbon belt and a pair of pink Keds. And also the girl at my new school didn’t undertake Jordache jeans, castle wore Levi 501’s and also so I had to have actually a pair immediately.

This is me in seventh grade.


You don’t desire to know just how long it take it me to obtain my hair come look prefer that. It take it some serious effort. And, as it transforms out, curling her bangs under v a curling steel isn’t a good idea.

Also, p spoke in ~ our neighborhood Worship company on Sunday around how us can become complacent about the good things God has put in our lives and also we have to remember to count our blessings. So middle school girls anywhere should take a minute right currently to say thanks to God in heaven that the bi-level haircut isn’t a thing throughout their small high years.

Caroline wake up up bright and early for her an initial day. And also she was dressed and ready to go at the very least twenty minutes prior to we had actually to leave the house. This to be a nice adjust from the method we ended last school year i m sorry looked an ext like a NASCAR pit crew tire readjust than a peaceful morning. Ns realize the won’t last with this Thursday, yet I’ll take it it because that now. That helps significantly that she has actually Athletics first period every work so from below on the end she simply wears she gym clothes to school and also has to pack what she’s an altering into for the remainder of the day. This will hopefully get rid of fourteen early on morning outfit alters that result in clothing being draped over the chair in she bedroom and my require for a nerve pill.

I regulated to gain her come pose because that a few pictures prior to we left and my heart kind of caught in mine throat since she currently looks so big this year compared to last year.


We got in the car and also I prayed for her day and also the institution year together we drove come school. And I guess my voice cracked a little bit since she patted me on the arm and said, “Don’t worry, Mom. After you drop me turn off you have the right to have a great cry and also go get a Chick-Fil-A biscuit.”

Dang. She’s on come me.

But I’ll have actually you recognize I didn’t go get a Chick-Fil-A biscuit. However, ns did cry. I execute it each year on the an initial day. It’s just such a marker because that the passage of time. And I think ns was particularly sensitive because it seems favor so many of mine friends have dropped a kid off at university this year. Every those posts and pictures of dorm rooms and also packed suitcases practically did me in. One of my friends placed up a pic that the day his college-bound son was born and captioned the “Time flies once you’re having actually fun” and I thought I was going to have actually to gain in the bed.

So I had actually my little cry and also then operated on a couple of things I’d to be needing to gain done roughly the house and took the girls to the dog park where Mabel to be fully-psychotic. A lady there through her dog remarked, “I just love watching her dogs run! lock are like poetry in motion!” which make me question what kind of city she reads.

I ended up meeting roll for one unplanned lunch and then ran a few more errands prior to it to be time to choose Caroline up from school. I was anxious come hear how her day had gone, especially because she’d texted me the morning asking around her locker shelves and when i texted earlier and asked just how the day was so far, she replied, “I’ll tell friend later. Gained to go.”

Really? That’s all i get? obtained to go. She could’ve typed “good” with less effort and also eased her mother’s mind.

As it transforms out, she had a great day. She obtained in the car full that stories about her new classes and also her brand-new teachers and also was thrilled with almost every one of it other than for the component where she has a bottom locker. But I told her part things room in our lives simply to develop character.

And she need to be thankful she character-building doesn’t involve a bi-level haircut.

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August 25, 2015 at 8:18 am

She is therefore beautiful! i cannot think how grown increase she is. Her story about the text made me laugh. Sent out my #3 come a brand-new school this year, where he didn’t know a soul, and I was TERRIFIED. I get a text from him mid-day, saying “Kinda struggling.” too ~ LORD, ns literally gained on mine knees and also texted all my friends to pray, etc. Etc.—I was so worried. He got in the car and said he’d had a an excellent day. Ns asked him what the message was every about, and also he said, “Oh, nothing–I was simply sitting in ~ lunch through someone i didn’t know well and also we ran the end of conversation topics.” are YOU KIDDING ME? You offered me heart failure over conversation topics?


August 25, 2015 at 8:46 am

I mental & miss those days. I have 2 girls and also loved it once a friend rode home with united state one year. I believed my head would certainly spin off my shoulders hearing several of the high school stories though! lock chattered away and also I loved it! among the hardest is once they begin driving and also you shed that vehicle time. Now I’m sniffing.


August 26, 2015 in ~ 9:40 am

I had actually the very same haircut in seventh grade. I’m so happy to listen you call it a “bi-level”, I constantly referred come it as my mullet