The basic Input Output device (BIOS) is responsible for allowing the hardware device on your computer system when the computer system is rotate on. The BIOS Setup Utility makes it feasible to readjust and store device configuration settings such as: which onboard components are enabled, the boots sequence for the system, and also adjusting power administration
To open the BIOS Setup utility, turn on the computer and also immediately press the F10 vital repeatedly, around once every second, till the BIOS setup utility screen opens.

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Choose menu display screens by pressing the left or right arrow keys. Usage the up or down arrowhead keys to relocate up or down v the perform of item on a menu screen. Push the Enter key to select an object for modification. For details items, pressing the Enter vital opens a submenu. ~ you have selected a menu item, use the arrowhead keys to change the settings. Press the Esc an essential to exit from a submenu. Aid is presented on the best side the the screen.
Information stored by the Setup program is essential and an altering certain settings deserve to render your system unusable (until the BIOS is reset). BIOS settings should not be readjusted unless girlfriend are certain the change does no negatively influence the system.

If a journey is installed and recognized, the surname of the drive displays. Otherwise, "Not Installed" is shown.
Click the surname of the drive, to open a drive submenu (see Drive setups table displayed after this table).
display screens a build ID number that represents the hardware and software construction of your computer. The is provided by customer and is advantageous when ordering recovery discs.
SMART diagnostics on the difficult drive to test for errors. Smart is beneficial as very early detection an approach for identify if a difficult drive is failing. Press enter to open the smart menu and also run the complying with tests:

* beginning a password allows the supervisor password and allows you to set a User password. Pressing go into with no password disables the at sight password.
* This setting displays only after the super password has been set. Entering a password pressures everyone to get in this password as soon as they try to open the BIOS setup energy in the future. Start no password disables the user password and allows anyone to get in the BIOS without a password.


* permitting this duty replaces the or Compaq logo display screen with a boot display that quickly display screens startup condition messages.

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Selecting Boot an equipment Priority opens a submenu to select the stimulate of the types of bootable gadgets checked by the system. That is, if the CD-ROM team is selected as the first Boot Device, climate the system will examine the CD/DVD drive an initial to view if it contains any type of bootable discs.
Selecting a device group will display screen not mounted if there room no devices of that team installed in the system. If a an equipment is available, you can allow or disable the group. Machine groups are:

Removes any kind of changes the were made to the BIOS because that this session. The BIOS Setup Utility continues to be open.
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