Greens and Vegetables

Netherlands do finest when fed a diet of fresh greens, vegetables, a high top quality pellet rabbit food, and copious amounts of hay. Here is a chart that shows just how much a rabbit must eat every day by kind of food, determined by their weight.

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General feeding references arearound 1 cup ofdark, leafygreensper2poundsofarabbit’sbody weightdaily. You deserve to also administer other vegetables such as bell peppersand cucumbers, but these have tendency to be higher in an easy carbohydrates prefer sugar and also starch and should be provided in smaller quantities. A good rule of ignorance is1 tablespoonofnon-leafy environment-friendly veggiesper 2poundsof body load per day.

This way a typical sized full grown Nethie will certainly be eating a cup of leafy greens, a tablespoon that veggies, 2 tablespoons the pellet food and also grazing top top freely easily accessible hay at all times.

Here’s a list of rabbit for sure greens and also veggies to offer you some ideas. This is by no way a complete list, but just a overview for starting out.


Leafy environment-friendly lettuce (Romaine, butterhead, Bibb)

Red or environment-friendly leaf lettuce




Dandelion Greens


Raspberry Leaves





Kale (all types)


Bok Choy

Dill Leaves



Mustard Greens

Swiss Chard

Wheat Grass



Bell peppers (any color, seed removed)

Cucumber with leaves


Summer/zucchini squash


Celery (try to remove veins or cut into chunks)


Carrots with leaves/greens intact

Broccoli (leaves and also stems)

Brussel sprouts



A young Netherland Dwarf should be eating countless pellets until they about two or 3 months old. Their pellet intake must be slowly diminished as you include in leafy greens and veggies working towards the adult Netherland Dwarf portion of about 1/8 cup (2 tablespoons) that pellets daily. They carry out not need plenty of pellets to remain healthy! however instead need to be eat 70-80% hay throughout the day. We feed our rabbits a mixture of Oxbow brand and small Pet choose pellets and have been an extremely happy through the quality and also consistency.


A rabbit’s diet consists of 70-80% hay, therefore it’s kind of a huge deal! We carry out fresh Oxbow brand hay at every times. Our favourite is this Timothy and Meadow Grass blend for rabbits of every ages.

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If girlfriend are providing hay to a rabbit under 7 months, alfalfa hay is great, but otherwise avoid this hay for adult rabbits.