The 1967 NFL Championship Game between the Dallas Cowboys and also the eco-friendly Bay Packers, play on December 31 at Lambeau Field, is recognized as the ice cream Bowl, arguably among the greatest games in NFL history.

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The game was played in brutal cold and also windy conditions. The kickoff temperature in green Bay to be -13°F, through a wind cool of 36 below zero. Temperatures were so cold, in fact, the referees had actually to shout signals so that the metal whistles wouldn't pole to your lips. Also so, practically 51,000 fans watched the coldest game in league annals.

Several players to be treated for frostbite and also a pan in the stands died of exposure to the cold.

Bart Starr, the environment-friendly Bay Packers room of call quarterback, score the game-winning touchdown v 13 secs remaining, clinching a third straight NFL Championship because that the Packers.

500 mb (~ 18000 ft) graph on December 16, 1967.Click image for larger view.500 mb (~ 18000 ft) graph on December 28, 1967.Click picture for larger view.

The graph below shows the tendency in the everyday average temperature during the month the December 1967.

Daily typical temperatures in December 1967.Click picture for bigger view.

The the day of the ice Bowl

The the day prior to the ice Bowl was fairly tranquil with a high that 20°F.However, later that evening shortly before midnight, an Arctic front swept across the state ushering bitterness cold air right into the state. The temperature fell nearly 30 levels during the 12 hour duration ending in ~ 9 to be the morning that the ice Bowl.By 9 to be Sunday, December 31, 1967, the temperature plummeted to minus 16°F v wind chill worths falling to 38 below zero.During the game, actual temperatures ranged from -12°F to -14°F through wind cold house (based top top the new wind chilled index) varying from 33 to 37 below zero, making the the coldest video game in NFL history.

Surface graph on December 31, 1967.Click picture for bigger view.Three-hourly on December 31, 1967.Click image for larger view.


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