The standard comedy Everybody Loves Raymond debuted top top CBS in 1996 and ran because that nine periods until that is finale in 2005. The Barone family saw its share of ups and downs transparent its years and also when the collection finally called it quits, in instance you’ve forgotten, here’s exactly how it all went down.

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The cast of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond’ in ~ its series wrap party in 2005 | Caroline Greyshock/CBS photograph Archive/Getty Images

How ‘Raymond’s EP knew it was time to finish the show

The comedy’s creator and executive producer Phil Rosenthal to be asked in 1996 to build the sitcom indigenous scratch. Supposed to showcase the comedy of beam Romano, that had caught the attention of David Letterman on the latter’s late-night show, Raymond started off slow yet eventually uncovered its footing. As soon as the present went into its eighth season, together Rosenthal told the Television Academy Foundation, he knew it was time to bring it to an end.

“I had a finale story in mine head,” Rosenthal said. “I wrote it out even and knew this to be going to it is in the finish of season 8. Roughly that exact same time, everyone was clamoring for united state to remain more.”

The Somebody feeding Phil star didn’t think there was “any gas left” for second season but was open up to the possibility. The ninth season to be planned, however Rosenthal worried about whether the show can create an excellent scripts for an additional season.

“Meaning, we did 200 shows, that enough!,” the said. “How countless fights deserve to these human being get into? us should, friend know, perhaps have one more family and also letthemfight, you know? friend don’t desire to repeat and also you don’t want to do bad shows. That’s yes, really the driving force behind why we stopped.”

The ‘Raymond’ finale was just an additional day with the Barone family

In the last episode of the series, aptly titled “The Finale,” beam is said by his physician that he requirements to have his adenoids removed. The adults in the family accompany ray to the hospital. Large brother Robert play by Brad Garrett complains to his wife Amy shown by Rosenthal’s real-life mam Monica Horan: “The just reason I’m right here is because Ma knows the I’m the same blood form as Ray.” if Marie (multiple Emmy winner Doris Roberts) is in the ladies’ room, a nurse increase from the operating room to ask if ray is allergic to anything due to the fact that the employee isn’t able to bring him the end of the anesthesia.

The family members momentarily panics and also just together suddenly, ray awakens from the anesthesia. At the moment, lock realize just how close they pertained to losing him. Eventually, the reality of what taken place at the hospital is revealed by a jittery Frank to Marie. Somewhere in between rage at having been left out and also grief in ~ what virtually happened, Marie launches herself into bed through Ray and also Debra to weep over her almost-deceased son.

The finish of the illustration finds the Barones, including the kids, placidly enjoy it a enjoy the meal together, together though it to be just another day, together though the show weren’t finishing at all, simply the way Rosenthal wanted it.

Rosenthal revealed he’s been shopping around a reunion show…with little interest indigenous networks

The executive producer has been trying to construct a Raymond reunion show. He newly expressed his astonishment at discovering the lack of interest in it.

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“Here’s what i really can not believe. I have pitched to currently a pair of various places,” Rosenthal said on SiriusXM’s Pop culture Spotlight v Jessica Shaw. “We can do a reunion special, we can tell the story of the things that have happened to us at home…and it appeared to work for Friends and, no takers.”

Hopefully, that case will adjust and Raymond fans will certainly be able in ~ some allude to catch up with the staying members of the Barone family from Lynbrook, long Island.

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