Tivoli, likewise known together Tivoli Gardens, is an opulent amusement park and also pleasure garden in downtown Copenhagen. Opened in 1843, it is the second-oldest amusement park in the world and the many visited in Scandinavia.

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Highlights of Denmark | Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli, Copenhagen

Tivoli, additionally known as Tivoli Gardens, is an opulent amusement park and also pleasure garden in downtown Copenhagen. Opened in 1843, it is the second-oldest amusement park in the world and the most visited in Scandinavia. Through its exotic architecture and also lush greenery, the 19th-century layout park has actually long been concerned as a must-see in the Danish capital and, although the is not open up year-round, throughout the summer it hosts live music performances including orchestra, ballet and also rock band concerts, into the night. V a range or rides, theatres, food stalls, gourmet restaurants, arcades and also pavilions come explore, visiting Tivoli is an adventure for adults and also children alike. Located just two minutes’ walk from Copenhagen main Station and also 2km from the centre of the city, that is basic to reach and the perfect ar to acquire lost in.

The background of Tivoli Gardens

Georg Cartensen

Tivoli Gardens was established by Georg Cartensen, a Danish military officer, in 1843. Cartensen was provided a five-year board of directors by King Christian VIII (r. 1839 come 1848) to produce Tivoli, after persuading the king that an amusement park would help keep the Danish civilization happy due to the fact that ‘when the people are amused, they perform not think about politics.’ King Christian VIII granted Cartensen 15 acres of land exterior of Vesterport and until the 1850s Tivoli to be technically exterior of the city, obtainable through Vesterport.

Cartensen was said to have been influenced by parks and gardens he had actually visited overseas and also Tivoli alluded come the Jardin de Tivoli in Paris. Tivoli’s gates first opened on august 15, 1843 and also became an prompt success. Native the beginning, the park featured bandstands, restaurants and also cafes, elegant gardens, a merry-go-round, a roller-coaster and impressive architecture.

Even with the success the Tivoli’s opening, Cartensen was constantly trying come come up with brand-new ways to keep the public interest in the attraction. In 1844, because that the park’s second season, he established the Tivoli boys Guard, i beg your pardon would flourish into a popular and also well-loved social icon and a music college for children. Today, that is well-known as the Tivoli Youth Guard and both boys and also girls aged 8-16 can use to be a component of it.

The pantomime theatre at Tivoli Gardens

From the opened of Tivoli, pantomimes were vital part the the park’s attractions. In 1874, a Chinese-style pantomime theatre was constructed in ar of an enlarge theatre and also still stands this day as the oldest, original structure in the gardens. The pantomimes in ~ Tivoli remain famous with audience from almost everywhere the world.

The enntrance gate to the Rutschebanen

In 1914, the above Rutschebanen (Roller Coaster) was added as one attraction and also it remains the earliest wooden roller coaster tho in operation. It is also one of only seven attractions in the civilization that room operated by a brake guy on every train and is a must-see if visiting the park.

During people War II, components of the park were shed down by Nazi sympathisers and after closing on June 24, 1944, a team of this sympathisers snuck into the gardens and blew up numerous facilities consisting of the Concert Hall, the Glass hall Theatre and the Arena Theatre. The damages was extensive however nonetheless, repairs went underway and the park just closed because that a few weeks before reopening to the public.

The Concert room at Tivoli Gardens in 1864

Since climate Tivoli has ongoing to evolve. In 1844, Cartensen apparently said the ‘Tivoli will never, so come speak, it is in finished’ and this is noticeable today by the many new rides and features that are proceeding to pop up, including the dazzling virtual reality ride, the Demon, who cars whisk girlfriend 28 metres right into the wait while dragons chase you.

Over the years, Tivoli has served as motivation for a variety of people consisting of Hans Christian Anderson and also Walt Disney. Hans Christian Anderson checked out the park once it first opened and also it is claimed to have actually inspired his story The Nightingale. Disney went to the park numerous times before the opening of Disneyland in 1955 and also when he very first came come Tivoli, he stated to his wife ‘Now this is what an amusement location should be!’

Visiting Tivoli Gardens

A glimpse of Tivoli

For almost two century (the park commemorated its 175th anniversary in 2018), travellers have come to Tivoli Gardens for a sense of wonder and also adventure. Because that adults, it is much much more than a template park and there is many to gain if you’re no a thrill-seeker. Today, over there are approximately 30 rides, beautiful gardens and also flower beds, a hotel, a dining precinct with more than 40 restaurants, concert venues casinos and beautiful sculptures and also fountains. Countless Danish civilization hold a season pass just so they can come and also sit in the gardens and get a rest from the city. Tivoli is just a quick walk from other great attractions in Copenhagen: the is 10 minutes from Christiansborg Palace and also the round tower.

The palace at Tivoli Gardens

If you desire the possibility to check out the extraordinary Tivoli Gardens, you might be interested in our tourism of Denmark or ours Scandinavia little group tour, i m sorry both visit Tivoli and will allow you time to explore the twinkling pavilions and marvel at the wonderful architecture.

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