Features:Drop-In bobbinFree ArmAdjustable Stitch Length and WidthAdjustable Presser Foot PressureAdjustable Needle Position
I have a really nice Viking yet decided I wanted a vintage machine to sew heavy fabrics, take to classes, etc. Ns really wanted just a pretty sturdy basic maker that was straightforward to use, and had zig zag an...
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I bought two brand brand-new Singer 534"s forty years ago. One for my wife and also one for my mother. Over the year one has actually been used regularly ( at least twice a week ) and also the other has actually sat in the closet. I now sew and also use both machines. Both have had the plastic gears replaced as soon as or twice over the last forty years. Both still sew great. The gear failure is a trouble that is fine known and also should be simple to get serviced. After owning buying and also using a contemporary machine. I would certainly gladly buy an additional Singer 534. ( even at the original 1976 price that $255 ).

Had to have actually a standard singer machine...got that from a thrift store for 8 bucks...no cabinet but works......i"ll have her cleaned and tuned up....before i start any kind of projects v her
My MIL has gone into a care home and my sister in law had actually it at her house. They were moving this summer and also I request if she still had it. I have actually two Juki machines. She gave it to me. Ns took it in to have serviced and also the man said that was very well taken care of. I have actually all the feet, all her thread and also bobbins, even a zipper and elastic quiet in the packages. Mine sister in legislation said she offered it critical year come hem something and it functioned great. The did come in the cabinet yet we were moving and also had no room because that it so us tossed it .. I"m about to try it out yet had to find a hand-operated online which ns did find in a PDF for this reason didn"t have to buy it. I watch she has a metal bobbin in the machine but plastic people she has currently wound. Go it function with both? The manual doesn"t say.
Are you still making use of this machine? I"ve been provided one and also am curious if it"s something I need to clean up because that my mother....
I have actually one of this machines. The gears room not metal. I would not introduce it for heavy fabrics. I usage mine for whatever else. Mine is also a little bit noisy.

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When ns was a teenager i purchased a supplied 534 for $50.00, yet it didn"t come v a cabinet! i have had actually it in the shop 2 or 3 times over 30 years, however for the most component it has actually been a reliable, straightforward machine.
Sounds like new fun with an old machine! and also what a great price! Those old cabinets space such quite pieces. Have a great time!
There is definately never too plenty of gaianation.net machines!! The following amazing an equipment is just about the corner.