Fans that 106 & Park room in mourning ~ the video countdown aired one last time this past Friday (Dec 19) ~ a 14 year run. Prefer it began was exactly how it ended as the last episode to be hosted…

Fans of 106 & Park space in mourning after the video countdown aired one critical time this previous Friday (Dec 19) after a 14 year run. Favor it began was exactly how it finished as the final episode was organized by the veterans, AJ and also Free. Surrounded by the many host that thrived from their 106 & Park experience, the two-hour segment was full of theirfavorite memories indigenous the series.

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Even despite the present will still be online, fans room still wondering just how they deserve to keep up with the previous hosts. V a little digging, ns was able to obtain all the information needed for you to follow the careers top top the 106 & Park Alums.

Flip the page and find out where the former host of BET’s countdown show are now.

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According to her, she have the right to be heard on Washington DC’s WPGC 95.5, The large Tigger display with Free. She is also has weekly segment on one internationally-syndicated radio show Live In the Den.

Julissa B

Julissa is taping the sitcomMann & Wife. She plays a pop star named Bonita Bee and also it will air ~ above Bounce Tv.

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Tigger is doing significant things on the radio. He has actually the four hour (2-6 pm) weekday radio organize for V103 in Atlanta. He’s the Washington Wizard’s main DJ and also in game host and also his very own program top top CW50 in DC called Direct access with large Tigger. In enhancement to that, he has an globally syndicated countdown show called, Live In The Den With big Tigger.

Terrence J

Besides his roles in box office hits, Terrence is currently a news correspondent ~ above E! News and also a newly published writer of the book, The wealth of mine Mother’s Wisdom: The Lessons that Made Me Rich.


In September Rocsi covering up she tenure together the weekend co-host and daily correspondent because that Entertainment Tonight and also is pursuing other hosting gigs. She also has a site, wherein you deserve to keep up through entertainment news and also her interests.

Miss Mykie

According to miss Mykie’s Instagram she is in a film that just released referred to as The divine Spoof. She likewise has a solitary available top top iTunes entitled “Ratchet.”