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Mindless Behavior, new Teen Phenomenon, releasing Debut Album #1 Girl top top September 20

Group already #1 on, BET, Music Choice

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Sept. 15, 2011 / -- #1 Girl, the debut album indigenous Mindless Behavior, the #1 new teen group dominating the pop universe, will be released on Tuesday, September 20th. ~ stirring up a frenzy with R&B grooves and pop hooks ~ above a pair of struggle singles and also tours v Janet Jackson and also Justin Bieber, the Mindless actions boys--Prodigy, Roc Royal, beam Ray and Princeton--follow in the heritage of an excellent young masculine singing teams with #1 Girl (Streamline/Conjunction/Interscope Records).


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As a special treat for fans, Mindless behavior will relax 4 limited edition covers of #1 Girl, each special a various member that the group. While the sheathe on a bulk of the albums will function all four members, albums through those four restricted edition covers will certainly be easily accessible only during the very first pressing.

Celebrating the album release, Mindless behavior will star on the shout Tour: The next Generation ( indigenous September 30 to November 20. Among the stops will be new York City, Los Angeles, Baltimore, St. Louis, Washington (DC), Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Dallas, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Oakland, Atlanta and new Orleans. The tour complies with Mindless Behavior\"s summer spent on BET\"s Closer to My desires Tour with other young teen sensations.

Produced and also largely created by Walter Millsap (Beyonce, Timbaland, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez) and also Candice \"Goldie\" Nelson (Mary J. Blige, Britney Spears, Ciara)--other writer-producers room Boi-1da and JukeBox--#1 Girl combines transmittable beats and also soulful harmonies to revolve the heads and melt the hearts of young girl everywhere. Mindless Behavior currently has notched the #1 artist page on and also ranks as the #2 global Music team artist in online presence, behind just Lady Gaga.

#1 Girl\"s very first single, \"My Girl,\" racked up 14 million views on YouTube and also a Viewer\"s an option BET award nomination. The follow-up, \"Mrs. Right\" featuring Diggy Simmons, hit #1 top top BET\"s \"106 and also Park\" countdown present three main in a row and also was the #1 most included song at city Radio, through its video the #1 many viewed video clip on Music selection On demand for five weeks straight. The newest single is \"Girls Talkin Bout.\"

Streamline documents head Vincent Herbert, who discovered Lady Gaga, arisen the initial Mindless actions concept with Millsap. In ~ a 2008 audition held by associate Productions--a teaming that Millsap, Nelson, Keisha Gamble and choreographer David Scott (the latter three helped create B2K)--Prodigy, Roc Royal, beam Ray and also Princeton shined the brightest. End the next three years, castle honed a singular format that embraces not just vocal an abilities but tremendous dance moves and also a distinct fashion sense.

Now, Mindless habits brings energy, excitement and a confident message the freedom and fun come every #1 Girl.