Iron is Fe and Fe2O3 is red rust.O2 is oxygen. Youmight think that water is required for this procedure but that is not, itmerelyspeeds that up. Notification that the steel is nowbound to the oxygen.It has actually gone from its elemental state with no fee ( Fe0)toits ionic state (Fe3+) Becausethe iron has lost electrons and become positive charged, it has beenoxidized. The oxygen has actually been reduced.The electrons from the iron saw the oxygen.Every oxidation process has to have actually a matching reduction.We contact these oxidization reactions, words redox combining reductionand oxidation.

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We deserve to write fifty percent reactions because that this totalreaction:

Oxidation 4 Fe -> 4 Fe3+ + 12 e-

Reduction 3 O2 + 12 e--> 6 O2-

Some metals are much more stable in your elemental state than others.Gold, Platinum and silver are tough to oxidize.Other metals such as lithium magnesium and also alluminum are straightforward tooxidize.When castle oxidize they adjust into their ionic state.If you placed Zn metal into a solution of Cu2+ and also SO42-an amazing thing happens. Thezinc goes into solution and also the copper starts to key out as solidcopper (Cu0).The equation because that this is


The zinc and also the copper room solids and also the ions are in solution.Notice that the sulfate (SO42-) is notchangingduring the reaction. We speak to theseions spectator ions. Why walk thisreaction occur? Copper is morestable 보다 zinc. Copper is belowzinc ~ above the task series.

The activity series.


The oxidization half-reactionsfor the abovereaction would certainly be:

Oxidation: Zn(s)->Zn2+(aq) + 2e-

Reduction: Cu2+(aq)+ 2e- ->Cu(s)

The oxidation that a Zinc atom releases 2 electrons

The palliation of a Copper ion is achieved by the acceptance of 2electrons

Thus, over there would appear to be amovement, orflow, of electrons from the Zinc metal to the Copper ions

We can catch the power energy produced in this reaction in abattery.The battery can use this circulation of electron to do work.Please read about voltaic cells at


The lead-acid storage battery uses lead 0 (elemental) and lead 4+.

Oxidation: Pb(s) ->Pb2+(aq) + 2e-

The lead provides away two electronsthrough thewire and also becomes Pb2+which combines with SO42-to come to be lead(II)sulfate.

Reduction: Pb4+(s)+ 2e- ->Pb2+(aq)

The leadhere start asPb4+ together it combines with 2 O2-. Itcan take the two electrons indigenous the wire and also become Pb2+whichcombines through SO42- to come to be lead(II)sulfate.

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Again, asthe electronspass v the wire they develop a voltage which deserve to be supplied to dowork.