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The Kellogg firm has released some weird popular music Tart flavors throughout the years, and also they’re a fair street from the usual suspects favor Cherry, Frosted Strawberry, S’mores, and also Brown street Cinnamon Pop-Tarts.

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Millennials, including me, are very interested in the popular music tart. They flavor usual taste combinations and are willing to try new things, particularly with a portable, comfortable product that can be toasted or eaten straight indigenous the package because that a fast snack. However, there are some weird pop-tart flavors the I had actually no idea existed. You haven’t tried every one of them, I’m sure!



The Weird popular music Tart flavors That room DeliciousWeird popular music Tart flavors You’ll Sadly not Get another Chance to TryWhat’re The means To Eat a pop Tarts?

What Is popular music Tarts?

The Kellogg agency created Pop-Tarts together a brand the toaster pastries in 1964. A sweet pour it until it is full is sandwiched between two class of thin, rectangular pastry late in Pop-Tarts. They are meant to it is in reheated in a microwave oven or smell play-Doh-like upon, in spite of being offered pre-cooked.

With numerous packs offered each year, Pop-Tarts is Kellogg’s most popular brand in the joined States. Castle are mostly sold in the united States, although accessible in Canada, Ireland, the unified Kingdom, and brand-new Zealand. In Australia, Pop-Tarts were withdrawn in 2005 and reintroduced in 2014 through two brand-new flavors: Chocotastic and Strawberry Sensation.

Pop-Tarts come in various flavors and seasonal, one-time, and “limited edition” tastes that room only easily accessible for a quick time.

The Weird pop Tart spices That room Delicious

Root Beer


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We’re not complaining because it’s prefer putting a chocolate cake in together an ice cream cream floats. (The filling has a solid root beer flavor that makes it almost effervescent top top the tongue.) the vastly outranked Pop-second Tart’s brand-new flavor, Orange Crush, i beg your pardon tasted like a “melted Tootsie Pop discovered behind your auto seat top top a sunny summer’s day,” according to tasters.

Hot Fudge Sundae


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There’s a lot an ext going top top in this flavor, and luckily no one of the is fake banana flavor. The coco toasted pastry has actually a slim cocoa flavor, but taste-testers wanted the sprinkle-dusted frosting and vanilla filling. To acquire the complete sundae flavor, put them in the fridge.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough


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Eggless, prepackaged cookie dough has actually a gritty, Play-Doh-like texture. Fortunately, that isn’t the situation here. Our only gripe is that us wished because that a super-stuffed version. (But isn’t the pastry-to-filling ratio everyone’s trouble with Pop-Tarts?) no one likes to take it the an initial mouthful the all-crust.)

Pumpkin Pie


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This smell is only obtainable in the fall, and also it’s precious tracking down and also stocking. The pumpkin pie topping is tastier than any store-bought pie we’ve eaten, and also it’s even better when warmed up.

Frosted Strawberry


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Strawberry Pop-Tarts have come in a variety of flavors, consisting of the original frosted strawberry, unfrosted strawberry, low-fat strawberry, PB&J strawberry, and chocolaty strawberry. However, Kellogg’s has included one more twist: each new strawberry Pop-Tarts will have actually a cartoon painted top top the icing. Beforehand in the year 2016.

Wild Berry


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Don’t be put off by the vivid violet hue; this is one iced strawberry Pop-Tart elevated come the next level. Some civilization thought that tasted favor Trix cereal, which they liked. Because that a quick and tasty dessert, peak your Pop-Tarts v fresh fruit or berries and also whipped cream.

A food that can be taken through you on the go; provides a good snack at work, a mid-afternoon pick-me-up at school, or a late-night delight; Incorporate right into lunchboxes, bags, and also backpacks.

PB&J Strawberry


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Every piece of this delicious tarts is bursting through strawberry flavor and natural peanut butter. It’s also more far-reaching than the sandwich you supplied to eat in primary school school.

Weird popular music Tart spices You’ll Sadly no Get one more Chance come Try

Frosted Grape

Grape is a popular flavor in snack foods and also beverages; in fact, Concord Grape Pop-Tarts first emerged in 1967 but were consequently discontinued. Your downfall was because they were not really well-liked. Therefore Pop-Tarts decided to offer Frosted Grape an additional go, yet they to be withdrawn in 2017. They can have returned if they had actually been, yet unfortunately, the grape Pop-Tarts to be left behind.

These Pop-Tarts sometimes arrived in a pack of three, including to their uniqueness fairly than the usual two. Who knows if this to be a marketing arrangement for their limited edition products or just a fluke, yet it was a satisfied surprise. After ~ all, who deserve to complain around a few more Pop-Tarts?

Ice Berry Blast

Because of advertisement agreements, there have actually been several themed Pop-Tarts, and also most of them room unimpressive. The Ice age 2 Pop-Tarts, ~ above the other hand, are something we’d like to shot again. The blue filling in ice Berry Blast Pop-Tarts colored your tongue purple, as expected. But, much more importantly, it was a unique and enjoyable flavor. This specially branded Pop-Tarts first appeared in 2006 and were only obtainable until march 31, 2007, or provides run out. Lock were component of a promotion package for Ice age 2 that had a mail-in reward. Although branded Pop-Tarts are usually entertaining, several fans and customers to be taken aback by the collaboration.

Guava Mango

2008 to be an interesting year for Pop-Tarts-at the very least if you gain Latin tastes. Guava Mango to be a limited-edition pastry that mixed two exceptionally bright tropic fruits right into a delicious concoction. According to Kellogg’s, that was presented in June and also packed together the Dulce de Leche Pop-Tarts, making castle tasty and complementing siblings great for the summer. It’s a shame this were minimal edition, yet there have to be additional foodstuff that shows the culinary selection of the unified States. Then, we’re mentioning Pop-Tarts, but we have actually to begin somewhere. At the very least, we may be relieved that they existed for a short period.

French Toast

Kellogg’s hasn’t exit a French toast-flavored Pop-Tart in a lengthy time, i m sorry is nice surprising. After all, it’s a popular breakfast choice, and also any excuse come eat other sweetened with maple syrup is a no-brainer. These were released in 2004 come mostly good reviews. The pour it until it is full was more important than the icing in this Pop-Tarts, which make them was standing out. We recognize that the pour it until it is full is the primary taste the Pop-Tarts, but the icing alternatives frequently outshine or just conquer it. Rather of icing, the French toast Pop-Tarts were extended with a cinnamon sugar blanket. It to be the appropriate complement and also offered just the proper amount the flavor.

Chocolate Banana break-up

What is the meaning of this? people are split when it pertains to banana-flavored products. Because that example, the banana taste the so plenty of of us connected with sweets was accessible in the united state 10 years before genuine bananas. As a result, synthetic banana flavoring tastes nothing like the bananas us eat today. This is since the Chocolate Banana break-up Pop-Tarts, i m sorry debuted in January 2009, had actually banana flavor and hence didn’t feel like a natural banana split, according to Kellogg’s PR team.

What’re The methods To Eat a popular music Tarts?

A pop tart deserve to be consumed in a range of ways. Some choose to eat them ideal out the the bag, while others favor to toast them beforehand. But did you notice that popular music tarts may be spend in a selection of ways? They’re terrific for ice cream toppings, however they’re also an excellent for ice cream cream sandwiches, s’mores, and also milkshakes!

Putting a popular music Tart in the Oven and Eating It

If you want to be conventional, toast a popular music tart in the toaster. Eliminate the pop tart native its silver paper wrapper and collection it upright in the toaster. V one round, heat it top top low. Permit a couple of seconds for the pop tart to cool before eating. Toaster ovens can additionally be used with this approach.

Or you can place the pop tart top top a microwave-safe plate after removing that from the pouch. Warm it for 3 seconds on high. Permit it come cool because that a few moments prior to eating.

If you don’t have much time, take a popular music tart directly from the bag. Plenty of individuals prefer to consume pop tarts at room temperature, which is OK. They’ve already been cooked, for this reason they’re safe to consume cold.

Making ice Cream Sandwiches utilizing Weird pop Tart Flavors

Place two frosted-side-down popular music tarts on a chopping board. Store the continuing to be two pop tarts because that later. You may use any type of sort of pop tart because that this, but flavors favor Frosted chocolate Chip, cookies & Creme, and Hot Fudge Sundae job-related nicely in this recipe.

On top of every popular music tart, spread 1/2 cup of ice cream. You may use any flavor of ice cream cream because that this, however cookie dough, cookies-n-cream, or vanilla room the ideal options. Utilizing an ice cream scoop, very closely remove the ice cream cream and spread it throughout the popular music tart v a knife or rubber spatula. Ensure the ice cream consist of the entire surface.

Place both other two frosted-side-up pop tarts on top and softly press down. Make sure the borders are straight. Easy press straight on top of the sandwich come ensure that the ice cream touch the sandwich’s borders. Smooth any type of ice cream that comes out the edges utilizing a knife or spatula.

Using a knife, cut the sandwiches in half lengthwise. Usage a sewing technique to break v the pop tart crust if necessary. You’ll gain four more miniature sandwiches out of this.

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Wrap the sandwiches in plastic wrap and place them in the freezer for at the very least 2 hours. Wrap every sandwich personal in plastic wrap and place that in the freezer. The ice cream will certainly solidify again, and also the sandwiches will stay together.