Hi all. Hope anyone is enjoying over there woodworking. Have not posted because that a lengthy time. To run a woodworking company takes 99% of your time. Anyways I assumed I would share with you part sad news. Delta Power equipment has relocated there as soon as American make UNISAW to taiwan. Just gained off the call speaking v a Delta tech rep and he educated me the they ended up moving the saw manufacturing to taiwan. My understanding of what he told me is world were not buying the saw because of the price. The saws were not selling and the market dropped for the american do unit. One point I will mention, as soon as the observed was made right here in USA (most of the ) that was roughly 3,000 because that the base unit that 3hp 36” fence. I’m seeing some providers selling it because that over $ 3,000 +. The concern I asking is by going to taiwan shouldn’t the price go down ?

As us all recognize the eastern makers can make quality and effect machines. The rep called me that they moved the tools they used to make it right here in south Carolina over to taiwan for this reason the quality of the UNISAW must be as much as the former USA made one. Ns think it comes under to morals of tools LOL.. If yes any.. Delta was yes, really the last firm to make a woodworking an equipment here. Ns don’t know about you guys, yet I favor to watch a USA made stamp on machinery. It gives me some kind of pride that its american made, made by americans and also was made best on our land, v our materials and also our expertise.

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I don’t know when Delta switched the nation of beginning , if this old news come you guys, sorry. I simply learned of that today.

What do all think of the change, bad, great ect..

Thanks, Michael FreyPortland, ORFREY WOODWORKING INC.


How room American companies an alleged to complete if they are not ~ above a level play field?

If you execute not need to pay health and wellness insurance, workman’s comp, overtime, follow EPA and OSHA and every other sector standard, minimum wage, taxes, boy labor laws, EOE, etc.

Our government sold out to the eastern country’s decades ago.

Leaves couple of options for American company men.

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Combine that through the “McDonald’s Syndrome” of a vast number of Americans, and you have a nation that does not desire quality, simply quantity, convenience, and also a cheap price.