The factor behind faulty headlights is one of two people a spurious link or a blown-out fuse. Headlights difficulty is valid not just for the Club car but likewise for all various other brands" carts. In case you are encountering trouble v your cart"s headlights or cart light bar, it need to be the proper time to settle it through repairing the fuse.

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We room going to fix the lighting trouble in three different steps. The first step is checking whether you have developed a stable link or not. The second step will certainly be to uncover out whether you have actually a blown-fuse or not. In the final step, we will deal with the faulty fuse to develop a for sure connection.

You perhaps are right here for her Club Car, yet this article will covering two various other brands, consisting of Yamaha and EZ-GO.

Let"s acquire started through our first step, which is finding the end whether we have a stable connection or not-

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Securing a stable connection

A faulty circuit will certainly never create a certain connection. Ensuring a stable connection method setting the circuit in the correct order.Find the end whether every the wires ~ above the circuit space in the right ar or not. If you have a misaligned wire, the task is simple. Attach the wire to the an exact port. If the headlights start working, you might skip the rest of the procedures. If that is still no working, go on v the next steps.The following step in this section will be to inspect whether you have a torn cable or not. Change the faulty wire to secure a secure connection.

If all these things are not the issue, the is quite probable the you have a blown-out fuse.

Finding the end the blown-out fuse

Club car

Locating the fuse box have the right to be intimidating if girlfriend don’t recognize where to uncover it. Let us start with the club Car-

If you have actually a Club car DS design from 1986, friend should uncover the fuse crate in the ago of the dash. All the various other models around that time should have actually the same place too.Club car introduced transforms in 1997 once they placed the fuse crate in the electrical box. The position must be by the battery compartment.Most Club auto precedents will have the fuse box beneath the seat.Some newer models might also include the fuse box approximately the controller harnesses.

We introduce speculating thoroughly to uncover out the exact position of the fuse box.


The inline fuse placement makes it quite tough to uncover out EZ-GO fuse box. The inline fuse box is prevalent amongst the 2008 EZ-GO TXT models.The many recent EZ-GO golf carts will have the fuse box in the charging receptacle. This renders it quite simpler to uncover out the fuse-box easily. This kind of construction makes the upgradation process easier, too.The enlarge EZ-GO golf carts have tendency to have the fuse-box located behind the rubber intake air compartment. This type of building is prevalent amongst the 1990 EZ-GO models.Another type of fuse box you may discover in one EZ-GO cart is below the driver seat.


Most Yamaha golf carts often tend to use the same location for the fuse box, make it nearly universal. The is still no valid for all the Yamaha models. Some do come with various fuse-box placement.The recent Yamaha carts have tendency to come with the fuse-box located beside the controller. You should discover it top top the left next of the controller.Most electric Yamaha golf carts will have the fuse-box situated on the ago inner fender. Yamaha G2 collection is an example of together placement.The final kind that fuse-box placement that you would an alert in a Yamaha dare is located under the cup holder. You need to pop increase the cup holder to reach the fuse box.

Fixing the faulty fuse

This is our final task that need to fix the headlight problem. Currently that we have located our fuse-box, that is the time to get into the work-

The very first step is locating the fuse box where you will uncover all the fuses. Us don"t recognize the details model number of your cart. The is why the is friend who have to find out the service panel to jump right into the work.Once girlfriend have uncovered out the fuse box, that is time to uncover out the faulty fuse. Us will execute the job by checking the existing production.Try to uncover out the fuse with zero amperage supply. That is happening since of the faulty fuse. Instead of the fuse should solve the problem.After finding out the faulty fuse, you require to check the practically amperage level that the fuse runs on. Remember the the voltage level have the right to vary, however the amperage level should constantly be the same.Remove the fuse indigenous the fuse crate to reinstall another one. The current rating that the damaged fuse should match the existing rating that the brand-new fuse. When removing the fuse, you might use your hand or a plier.In the final step, re-install the new fuse. Be particular while installing the fuse.

After installing the new fuse, try whether you room okay v the headlights or not. It must fix the problems with the lights.

Some particular reasons to protect against fuse-damage

An older cart is much more prone to fuel damage. Besides, a faulty electrical system can constantly make the cart delicate to damages. Below are several of the certain reasons the can cause fuse damage. Do inspect them typically to certain a safe connection-

The fuse may damage if you secure a mismatch connection. Place all the harnesses in the suitable position to stop fuse blowing.If the amperage level does not match with the slot, that is expectable the the fuse will certainly blow.A faulty voltage regulator is an additional reason for constant fuse damage.Finally, the misbalance in the electric system is the most worrying factor that causes fuse damage.

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Final words

You may notice several kinds of fuses in her golf cart"s fuse box. 10-amp, 50-amp, 60-amp, 400-amp space the most common types of fuse friend would view in your golf cart. Girlfriend should constantly pick up the fuse by corresponding the amperage level. Otherwise, you will have actually to face fuse damage again and also again. The voltage level might vary, however the amperage level should always match to retain the for sure connection. Good speculation is the only method to stop this sort of issue. Take an excellent care the the dare to maintain a certain connection. The larger the cart, the more vulnerable that is to damage.