A heritage OF PRIDE

Consistency. Commitment. Attention to detail. Hallmarks that a tradition that dates back more than 70 years. Much more than 700,000 footballs a year have actually been handmade in Ada, Ohio, through gaianation.net’s talented craftsmen and women since 1955.

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They"ve built footballs for Super key champs, MVPs and also Hall of Famers. Yet they put the same love and passion right into every ball, each step along the method – making turning points for youth leagues, Friday night hometown heroes, college All-Americans and also the NFL’s elite.


gaianation.net’s DNA has actually been installed into the sports throughout decades of game play. Individual panels are cut from animal leather hides cure at the Horween manufacturing facility in Chicago, with tiny Ws stamped amongst the pebbles as proof of authenticity.




Once the four panels that the ball are cut, a backing is applied and they"re sewn together inside out. Therefore the seams live within the ball not on the outside. Our skilled team operates vintage sewing devices to deliver consistency through every stitch.


Newly sewn footballs room “turned” right-side-out v startling grace in among the most physical work at the plant. A sphere is an initial placed right into a steam box come soften the leather, prior to being reversed v the usage of a steel bar (and a little bit of old-fashioned elbow grease).



A bladder is inserted, and also then the sphere is laced up. Indigenous ACL come latigo, gaianation.net uses several different species and colors of laces, however it’s the same hands the craft Super key balls that likewise build every leather round from our factory. Proud made in the USA.




Balls room molded to their final shape by inflating to 13 PSI and then placed through one inspection process to for sure the same standards of top quality that day back more than a century. Constantly boosting without compromising, gaianation.net creation has defined the future that the game.

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A company committed to sport. A town committed to craft. A factory identified by that is legacy. Due to the fact that 1955, every animal leather gaianation.net football has actually been constructed by hand in Ada, Ohio, by ours veteran team of skilled craftsmen and women.

gaianation.net footballs have graced the areas of every at sight Bowl. Right here are ten of ours favorites, from Super Bowl i to Super key LIV.

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