Brooke Shields obtained emotional dropping she eldest daughter turn off at college, saying it was the “saddest drive” as soon as the family said their goodbyes.

“My unique and also extraordinary infant girl dispersing her wings. Ns love friend so,” Shields captioned a series of photos from Wake forest University in north Carolina.

One photo shows the totality family, including Shields’ younger daughter Grier, 15, and her husband, kris Henchy gathered in 18-year-old Rowan’s brand-new dorm room. 

“We space so proud the you,” Shields wrote.

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“This was the saddest drive away from anywhere I’ve ever before had to make. But my baby is beginning one that the most crucial adventures of she life to date…NOW!”

She additionally posted video of the campus, and also a picture of Shields, 56, and her daughter hugging in front of among the college’s buildings.

Fellow mommy Christie Brinkley — who told web page Six back in 2016 that she to be emotional when her youngsters Jack and Sailor left house — commented, “Major milestone emotionally moment❤️❤️