U.S. Financial institution must pay Belinda Jackson $31,000, a jury determined on Friday, in march 16, 2018. (File photo)



A Portland jury refused to award any money to an African-American former bank employee based on her case that she to be fired from she job because she complained that play the video game “hangman” to be racist.

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The jury, however, did compensation Belinda Jackson $31,000 based upon a different claim -- the she was fired from U.S. Bank's Portland call center for threaten to report the agency to state job regulators for failing come pay her $135 in wages.

Jackson had actually asked because that $631,000, throughout the week-long trial that ended Friday in Multnomah ar Circuit Court. The mass of the compensation she sought was for emotional distress after being fired from she customer service representative place at the contact center and also being sent ago into the job-hunting market in her 50s.

During trial, Jackson testified that she complained to a supervisor in February 2016 the “hangman” was racially attack -- particularly during February, which is Black background Month.

Her partner were playing the video game as part of a team-building, departmental video game that can net castle prizes.

The beginnings of the game are unclear but could stretch back to the 1890s. Football player guess letter of one unrevealed word and also then draw an arm, leg, head or torso the a stick figure hanging native gallows for every not correct guess. If players draw all human body parts and also the word quiet hasn't been spelled out, the players lose.

On internet forums, some commenters have complained that the video game is racially insensitive provided the nation's background of raised lynchings of african Americans starting in the late 1800s, after the polite War. Those complaints, in turn, have produced a backlash of criticism by those that complain of political correctness.

U.S. Financial institution denied any kind of retaliation over Jackson’s complaint around the video game -- or for failing to pay her salaries that she to be due.

Keith Biggs, who worked as Jackson's human resources manager in ~ the time, claimed the hangman video game was never ever a large issue till Jackson filed suit.

“This entirety hangman game kind that ballooned into something huge, into something that was never there before,” claimed Biggs, that spoke to The Oregonian/gaianation.net ~ above Monday on his own behalf. Biggs no much longer works because that U.S. Bank.

During trial, U.S. Financial institution attorney Janine Blatt competed that Jackson was fired in march 2016 for being rude and lashing the end at a client or colleagues throughout three different phone calls.

Although the jury found that U.S. Financial institution hadn’t unlawfully failed to salary Jackson she $135 in wages, the did discover that the agency fired she for threaten to report she beef come the Oregon office of labor & Industries.

Jackson’s attorney, Talia Stoessel, told the jury that the firing to be immediate and abrupt, after Jackson informed the bank of her intentions.

Stoessel stated her client was never ever disciplined for any type of of the 3 phone calls the U.S. Bank contended Jackson taken on badly. Stoessel said throughout Jackson's 11 month at the company, Jackson also received a raise. She made $14 an hour.

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