The indigenous candy found its method into English as beforehand as the 15th century. However, centuries passed before it came to be used together a independent noun, as it did throughout the 17th century.

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At first, it was provided in a compound word, as sugar candy, a intake you will still hear occasionally.

The term sugar candy came by means of French and Italian native the arabic sukkar quandi, an interpretation “candied sugar.”

Sukkar come from the Sanskrit word sarkara, which initially referred to granular particles, grit, or gravel, yet came to likewise mean crystalline or “granular” sugar.

This consumption shows, according to the ancient sources available, that granular sugar to be being made from sugar cane perhaps previously than 500 B.C., however at least as early as 324 come 300 B.C. Prior to this, sugar cane would have actually been offered for the juice.

Quandi (or qandi) come from the Sanskrit word kanda, meaning piece or fragment, v Persian come Arabic as Sukkar quandi to mean “sugar piece” or “candied sugar.”

This term came to be the Old French sucre candi, which passed into Middle English as sugar candy, to describe a difficult crystallized sugar.

Not till the 17th century go candy pertained to be supplied alone, as described above.

See Candy Making sugar Stages.

Dryden & Palmer is among the few remaining resources of absent sugar candy.

Candy is provided to describe sweet treats much an ext liberally in the U.S. Than in Britain, whereby it is more restricted to actual street candy, quite than sweets make with various other ingredients such as chocolate, fruit, nuts, etc.

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